Spring Haiku

  The early morning sun rays
Brighten the snow-capped mountain
As the sheep bells chime.

The lovely bud opens up
Cute petals unfold
A bee sits atop with glee

Hear my Heart.

You’re  the sunshine  of my   life

and I want you to be my wife.

Cos Your beauty is rapturous

Your mouth is voluptuous

Your eyes’  color is  exotic

And  your  lips are  so  erotic.

you ‘re The  eternal flame of my heart

and Nothing will tear us apart

Cos Your face is art

Your mind is smart

Your voice is melodic

And your body is rhapsodic.

I love you more than words can say

Or this  poem can convey.

Another Sleepless Night

A streak of lightning

A shriek of thunder

   A foreboding

Of a dreary rain

For  a weary brain.

Despite taking a  pill ,

I lay awake still

Elbows at the window sill,

Hands against my cheeks.

I can hear

Down in the still waters

Of  the murky   creek,

frogs croak

and the ticking of the clock.

the sound  Of  the midnight  train

Comes to shake The  windowpane

And with it comes the rain.

No rubbing the eyes

No yawning

So , another sleepless

Dreamless night

In the offing.


This is my first thursday poets’ rally poem , I hope you ‘ll love it.I’d like to thank Jingle for giving me the opportunity to take part in this rally.This is her blogging home:




Welcome hither

oh mighty  death;

thy lethal blow

you strike,

whenever and wherever

you like.

at the outset , I knew my fate;

I’ll meet it early  or late.





life is an ephemeral flame,

fraught with blame

and ineffable shame.

I sinned and thought it a fleeting game

but it was met with no acclaim.


to lust I succumbed

and women’s busts I screwed.

once the lewd beast satisfied,

an acute qualm  ensued

and a prick of conscience renewed.

forgive me God

for all that   I did

and take no  heed

of my vile deed.

for your mercy , I plead

and from now on

abstinence is my creed.


My Definition of life.

Life is ambiguous
A puzzle , so intricate
Impossible to unravel

Life is treacherous
A journey , so dangerous
Risky to travel

Life is acrimonious
Full of grudges and anger
Hard to shovel

Yet, life is beauteous
Love and pleasures
Impossible not to marvel.

So , carpe diem
Cos life is transient,
do enjoy every single moment.

My Very First Cinquains

Sweet, secure
Caring , sharing, bearing
A rare Spiritual communion


pure , cute
playing , exploring ,laughing
the emblem of happiness

My wife
Beautiful, respectful
Loving , giving , supporting
Absolute symbol of devotion

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