Lonely Nights

I’m really pleased to win my second perfect poet award.I’d like to thank warmly all those who participated in jingle ‘s  poets’ rally.Special thanks go to Jingle for her tremendous efforts and rare dedication to our poetry community.If you are interested in taking part in this poets’ rally , go to


Now, this is my thursday poem.I hope you ‘ll love  it.


Despite counting sheep

I was unable to sleep .

I lay  restless in my bed

With too much in my head .

The window was ajar

And I could  see from afar

High up in the sky

A lonely  twinkling star

I thought The  star left  its  galaxy

To keep me  close company.

To show me  its beautiful sight

On my lonely  sleepless nights.

My starlight  delight

Lasted a full   month .

Then    on  a  dark dreary   night

I had a quick scout around

Hoping To spot my star’s light

Alas! The star was nowhere to be found.

The sky looked completely dim

And my room was utterly grim

Did  the star fade away?

Or did it go astray ?

I  could n’t  really say .

I went back to my bed

To face a lonely night  ahead.

With a mind in complete disarray

And a  heart filled with dismay.


For nomination , I ‘ve chosen megzone , a talented poet in Hindi and English .Good luck to her .

My Legacy of suffering

I knew

Your pain was  unbearable

I knew

Your   situation was  insufferable

I knew

You were  seeking relief

From an excruciating grief

I knew

Your  suffering was  hard to sustain

With   heavy family and  job strain

I knew

You tried very hard to cope

But you abandoned all hope.

But I didn’t know

That you would cut your vein

And chose death

To end your pain.

Now , I’m on the brink of lunacy

And your suffering becomes my legacy.

My Prison

I wanna break

The somber  shackles

Of my seclusion .

I wanna  shatter

The bitter  chains

Of my delusion.

I wanna smash

The iron gate

Of my prison.

I wanna  thrust

The shame inside

Into the limbo

Of the forgotten.

I wanna throw

My  mind-pain

Into  the deep recess

Of  oblivion.

I wanna translate

My inner struggle

into the language

of the unspoken.

I wanna  spell

My guilty past

In the book

Of confession .

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Sweet Home

Wherever you go or  roam

There ’s no better   place

like home ,sweet home .

Home is where you got care

Home is where you got  love.

Home is where family share

Home is where hearts interwove.

Home is where peace is

Away  from dangers and harm

Home is where you feel at ease.

Completely cosy  and warm.

Home is where I belong

Home is where I feel strong.

Home is the cradle of my hopes

Herein lie my dreams .

Home is the womb of my memories

Herein my past beams .

The Woolgatherer

Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 9The Perfect Poet Award

http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/03/12/thursday-poets-rally-week-9-the-perfect-  poet-award/

When I have the blues

When  darkness falls

I  love   to stay alone

In my world of fantasy

My  abode of  ecstasy.

I love   to stay alone

Digging in my inner-self

Rummaging  my  feelings and  thoughts

Pondering my deeds  and faults.

I love    to stay alone

Fantasizing, Daydreaming.

Building  castles in the air

Castles Born of hope or  despair.

I love    to stay alone

drawing    rosy prospects

and dreams so sweet

on    bleak-looking   sheets.

I love    to stay alone

Reading Ancient myths

and tales of woe,

Reading  don Quixote

Fighting an  Invisible  foe.

I love    to stay alone

Writing about my inner self

About my feelings and thoughts.

Writing about my fantasies and dreams

About  my castles built in the air

Castles born of hope or  despair .

Writing about my personal woes

About my  fears and invisible foes .


For nomination, my vote goes to a blogger  whose poetry I  highly appreciate



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