Mea Culpa

I did hurt you

shame on me

but let’s start anew

I hope you ‘ll agree.

I pricked your pride

shame on me

but let’s move on side by side

Cos I  luv  thee.

I made you cry

shame on me

but lets’ give it a try

I think you won’t disagree.

I beg you to forget and forgive

and wipe grudges away

I hope you’ll stay

cos  without you , I can’t live.



Welcome hither

oh mighty  death;

thy lethal blow

you strike,

whenever and wherever

you like.

at the outset , I knew my fate;

I’ll meet it early  or late.





life is an ephemeral flame,

fraught with blame

and ineffable shame.

I sinned and thought it a fleeting game

but it was met with no acclaim.


to lust I succumbed

and women’s busts I screwed.

once the lewd beast satisfied,

an acute qualm  ensued

and a prick of conscience renewed.

forgive me God

for all that   I did

and take no  heed

of my vile deed.

for your mercy , I plead

and from now on

abstinence is my creed.


Friends Forever

I thought our friendship is here to stay

Alas!my conviction has gone astray.

A friend in need is a friend indeed,

A dictum I invite you to heed.

You let me down in a plight

While I needed your hindsight.

I felt outcast and forsaken;

You can’t deny you’re mistaken

Come on think about it and judge.

Yet, I hold no hard feeling or grudge

Past is past and all humans err;

I forget and forgive you my dear

Let’s start anew and our friendship cements;

Free ourselves and wipe out all torments
10th Jan, 2008

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