Another Sleepless Night

A streak of lightning

A shriek of thunder

   A foreboding

Of a dreary rain

For  a weary brain.

Despite taking a  pill ,

I lay awake still

Elbows at the window sill,

Hands against my cheeks.

I can hear

Down in the still waters

Of  the murky   creek,

frogs croak

and the ticking of the clock.

the sound  Of  the midnight  train

Comes to shake The  windowpane

And with it comes the rain.

No rubbing the eyes

No yawning

So , another sleepless

Dreamless night

In the offing.


This is my first thursday poets’ rally poem , I hope you ‘ll love it.I’d like to thank Jingle for giving me the opportunity to take part in this rally.This is her blogging home:

15 Responses

  1. Good work wonderwand, I do enjoy your work, and I agree with archytekt a rhyme here and there never hurts anything I wish people gave me such good advice. 😛

    Though I do toss
    My night a loss
    I will rest
    Try my best
    Sleep in late
    Isn’t this great

    Again good work take care.

  2. Yes wonderfully done I loved it!!!!! Sounds like my sleeping habits 😀

  3. This is great, i love the words you used and the whole gloomy and sad intention towards it..its nicely done!!!!

  4. This one is very well written! I can even hear the sounds 🙂
    Good Job

  5. Insomnia can strangely sharpen the senses. Your poem vividly brings that across.

  6. so accurate. been there seen that for years.

  7. This is painfully beautiful… I love it.

  8. I’ll comment on something, if i may.

    I can hear
    Down in the still waters
    Of the murky creek,
    frogs croak
    and the ticking of the clock.
    the sound Of the midnight train
    Comes to shake The windowpane
    And with it comes the rain.
    > I just think that the sudden switch from non-rhyming to rhyming is a bit awkward to read.

    Overall though, great poem. I really like the part about the midnight train. It engages the visual and auditory senses. Lightning and thunder is also effective. Very nice.

    • thanks for the comment, I see what you mean when you said that the switch from rhyming to non-rhyming is could be right but you know when you are insomniac , you become awkward plus the fact that there is no perfect poem , all poems have imperfections.

  9. hate that tiered but can’t sleep…
    not fun but makes for a good poem

  10. everything seems so much louder when you can not sleep…even the smallest of noises…nicely done.

  11. frogs croak

    and the ticking of the clock.

    it sounds very nice to me,
    dreamless night,
    sleepless night,
    your eyes open wide,
    nowhere to hide
    your inner pride.

    thank u for joining us.
    U need not to nominate any poet unless you r noticed otherwise.
    u and someone else have confusions, the rule is if u r nominated as one of the 12 in my perfect poet post, then u do it. otherwise, simply attend normally!
    i will take your nomination into consideration this time…in case i am short of 12.
    have fun!

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