Strong Love

My love to you is

deeper than the sea

softer than the morning dew

wider than the sky

freer than a bird’s fly .


My love to you is

prettier than a butterfly’s glee

atop a beautiful daisy

purer than a mother’s embrace

warmer than the smile on her baby’s face.


My love to you is

gentler than the night breeze

higher than the tallest trees.

brighter than the summer sunlight

stronger than an armored knight.



Mea Culpa

I did hurt you

shame on me

but let’s start anew

I hope you ‘ll agree.

I pricked your pride

shame on me

but let’s move on side by side

Cos I  luv  thee.

I made you cry

shame on me

but lets’ give it a try

I think you won’t disagree.

I beg you to forget and forgive

and wipe grudges away

I hope you’ll stay

cos  without you , I can’t live.

I love This Game

I love this lovely  game

a  game of money and fame .

a game of unbelievable shots

a game where the atmosphere is hot .

I love Fedrerer’s fantastic play

and Nadal’s show on clay.

I love Roddick ‘s  fast serve

and Murray’s wit and verve.

I love the footwork of Djokovic

and the countless  aces of karlovic.

I love Agassi ‘s   returns

and McEnroe’s ’  half- volleys.

I love Borg’s strong forehand

and Lendl’s flat backhand.

I love this exciting game

It’s got tennis as a name.


The French Open inspired me this poem.My apologies for the ladies because I focused on men’s tennis.

do you love tennis ?

if yes, what’s your favorite player ?

I don’t really Care

I don’t really care

what you hide or  what you show

as long as I know

That the truth is naked and aglow.

I don’t really care

whether you sleep or lie awake

as long as I know

that your love is false and fake.

I don’t really care

what you think or believe

as long as I know

That you cheat and deceive.

I don’t really care

whether you ‘ll go or stay

as long as I know

That you lie and betray.

I don’t really care

What you say or what you  do

as long as I know

that I no longer love you.

I don’t really care

Whether you admit or deny

as long as I know

that it’s time to say goodbye.


On the 16th of May , 2003 , my hometown tasted the grisly flavours of terrorism. The Casablanca bombings killed 45 people and wounded scores more.this attack was the deadliest in the history of my country.The perpetrators of  this hideous crime were youngsters aged between 20 and 24 .Most of them were recruited from poor areas in the outskirts of the city and they were subject to systematic brainwashing and indoctrination for several years.

To morrow , all Moroccans will pray for the souls of the dead innocents.


They disseminate fear

and germinate bloodshed

they are a bunch of fanatics

with means so barbaric.


Brainwashing and indoctrination

propaganda and rhetoric

they  plough  the minds of sick  souls,

uproot roses of love and good

to sow  Murky seeds of hate

To plant  therein

illusion and violence

Fallacies and vengeance

With a view to harvesting

Death and evil

Destruction and upheaval.

Yet, evil is frail

So the devils will fail

And love shall prevail.

A love poem

I wish you were with me

We would stroll in the beach

Hand in hand and barefoot

We would build sandcastles

From each grain of sand

We would listen to the ocean

In seashells lying on  the shore

I wish you were  with me

We would spend a night in the forest

To share our dreams and memories

We would enjoy the gentle  breeze

And listen  to the overwhelming silence

We would count the twinkling stars

Scattered like diamonds across the sky

I wish you were with me

We would dance under the heavy rain

Accompanied by rolls of thunder

And spotlit by flashes of lightning

We would paint the rainbow

On a pink canvas of love

To brighten our days forever.

I wish you were with me

I would sing you the rainbow song

To praise your peerless beauty

And to celebrate our matchless love .

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