I don’t really Care

I don’t really care

what you hide or  what you show

as long as I know

That the truth is naked and aglow.

I don’t really care

whether you sleep or lie awake

as long as I know

that your love is false and fake.

I don’t really care

what you think or believe

as long as I know

That you cheat and deceive.

I don’t really care

whether you ‘ll go or stay

as long as I know

That you lie and betray.

I don’t really care

What you say or what you  do

as long as I know

that I no longer love you.

I don’t really care

Whether you admit or deny

as long as I know

that it’s time to say goodbye.

Weekend Funnies

This is my contribution to Shakira’s weekend Funnies .Visit shakira’s blog and  enjoy yourself  here

Funny Headlines

The Mythical Trickster

I can’t believe it! I was offered the celebrate poet of April award .I’m really happy to get 18 votes in this event which means that 17 people appreciate my poetry ( excluding my own vote) . Thank you Jingle for putting great efforts to bring about such an exciting event, and I’d like to thank all my friends and especially those who voted for me .

An absurd  hero of  Greek myth,

the ruthless king of Corinth.

He was deceitful and vicious

Crafty ,Brutal and avaricious.

He enjoyed killing his guests

opponents and travellers.

He even   molested his niece

to satisfy his  queer caprice.

Imprisoned in an underworld  closet

after he revealed Zeus’ secrets.

He seized Thanatos a hostage

and  thus  incurred the Gods’ rage .

So, they punished him for his trickery

and condemned him to roll a boulder

up a steep hill   throughout  eternity.


Guess who is this mythological figure?

A Poker Game

I’m delighted to win the perfect poet award week 19.

I’d like to thank

sweet jingle for hosting and managing the Thursday poets’ rally http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/

and    suzicate for nominating me to win this award .

Puffs  of  smoke rise

to a  cracked ceiling

where  a  bunch of  flies

buzz around a  lamp

dangling over seven guys

Seated at a round  table

Sweltering , sweating

Sipping a glass of  wine

eyes riveted on five  cards

Nervous but poker –faced.

Bets are instantly made,

no folding is signalled,

Time for the showdown.

Heartbeats race ,Adrenaline pump

a royal flush is revealed.

Thuds , Curses and swearing

Drown out  the winner’s cheering.


I nominate Emmanuel for the perfect poet award week 20

Weekend Funnies

This is my contribution to Shakira’s weekend Funnies 11.Visit shakira’s blog to enjoy yourself and to get free laughters here

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This is a funny poem I wrote many years ago.I felt sorry for the guy being described though he is a pure product of my crazy imagination.I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Your complexion is utterly sallow
And your body is as tiny as a sparrow.

Wrinkles cross your face like furrows
And your teeth look like harrows.

You see, you ‘re stupid to the marrow
Coz your head is empty and hollow
Crammed with too much tallow.

Your thinking is blatantly shallow
And your analysis is so narrow.

There’s is a brain for you to borrow
If you need to understand and follow.

If not, you will be hanged in the gallows,
cut into pieces and carried in barrows
to be finally buried the day after tomorrow
and no one will feel or express sorrow.

A toi ma maitresse

The poem below is my only poem in French.It’s a tribute from a student to his/her teacher.

Translating poetry is challenging , yet I’ve  made an effort to give you , dear friends , an idea about the purport of this poem.

A toi ma maitresse préférée

J ai écris et je te dédie ces vers.

Tes cours étaient tellement désires

Et ta méthode efficace et nullement sévère.

Tu nous as montre le vrai chemin de dieu

Et tu nous as incite a faire de notre mieux.

Tu as su combine art et efficacité

Avec intelligence et perspicacité .

L’année scolaire s’ est  écoule très vite

Mais tu est devenue déjà pour nous un mythe.

Tu est une vraie légende vivante

Et avec tout le monde tu as une belle entente.

Ta personne restera gravée dans nos mémoires

Car chaque moment de votre séance est a valoir.


To you my favorite teacher

I’ve written and I’ll dedicate these verses.

Your lessons were so desirable

And your method efficient and not severe.

You have shown us the true path of god

And you’ve encouraged us to do our best.

You knew  how to combines art and efficiency

With intelligence and rare  perspicacity.

The school year has  quickly elapsed

But you have already become a hero for us.

You are a true living  legend

And with everyone you have an amicable rapport

Your will remain engraved in our memories

For every moment of your class  is precious.

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