In 6 Seconds

I’m proud to receive the perfect poet award once more.I’d like to thank Jingle and all the participants in the thursday poets’ rally for their sustained efforts and unconditional commitment.

On a dreary summer night

a car runs a  red light

brakes screech

a pedestrian is  hit

bystanders scream

The world comes to a halt.

A tub of ice-cream

Crushed  on the asphalt

A tiny boy lying nearby

Bathing in blood.


I nominate Shakira for the perfect poet award.

My prayers for her and her daughter.


On the 16th of May , 2003 , my hometown tasted the grisly flavours of terrorism. The Casablanca bombings killed 45 people and wounded scores more.this attack was the deadliest in the history of my country.The perpetrators of  this hideous crime were youngsters aged between 20 and 24 .Most of them were recruited from poor areas in the outskirts of the city and they were subject to systematic brainwashing and indoctrination for several years.

To morrow , all Moroccans will pray for the souls of the dead innocents.


They disseminate fear

and germinate bloodshed

they are a bunch of fanatics

with means so barbaric.


Brainwashing and indoctrination

propaganda and rhetoric

they  plough  the minds of sick  souls,

uproot roses of love and good

to sow  Murky seeds of hate

To plant  therein

illusion and violence

Fallacies and vengeance

With a view to harvesting

Death and evil

Destruction and upheaval.

Yet, evil is frail

So the devils will fail

And love shall prevail.

Still Mourning

I’m delighted to get the perfect poet award yet again.Special thanks go to  Jingle for hosting and managing the poets’ rally and  to all the participants in this rally.

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Mere words can’t convey

my grief after you died .

words of solace can’t take away

the pain I feel  inside.

words  of comfort can’t wash  away

The tears I have   cried .

The echo of your voice

Still resounds in my ears.

Your shadow in the playground

Still runs and plays with peers.

Your sweet smell in the house

Still lingers all these years.

Whenever  I see your photo on the wall

Flood of tears submerge my eyes.

Whenever I see your little sister

my worst fears  suddenly arise .

whenever I see your father

a piece of me withers and dies.

I’d like to nominate a prolific poet with an immense talent : William

The ShoeShine Boy

I’m proud and delighted to receive the perfect poet award for the third time. I’d like to thank jingle for this award and for the efforts she has been investing in the organisation of the thursday poets’ rally :

He was  a tiny smelly  boy

kicked out of second grade

To  become  a shoeshiner by trade.

He never had  a ball or a toy

he never played  or felt joy .

His childhood was betrayed

his innocence slowly decayed.

After he left school

The  brush became his tool.

Usually seated on a low stool

His hands covered with bruise

Deftly Polished people’s shoes

Brushing, buffing

Puffing for very few dimes

Not enough to survive the hard times.

Some customers  were so cruel

Seeing his mouth in drool

Used to  call  him “the fool”

But he managed to keep his cool.

All his  life  he had  to endure

A  heart disease without cure .

The   prospect  looms  obscure

So, Death was his lot for sure.


I nominate Trisha for the award; she is so  talented.

The last Breath

Lying still  in bed

His face emaciated  and   pallid

Sweat droplets on his forehead

His eyes weary   and flaccid.

Staring at the ceiling ,

Shivering, coughing , squealing.

Smells of sickness filled the room

Twined with a deafning stillness

Gave a sense of  impending doom

And an aura of sadness.

I held his right  hand

It was cold and damp.

he mumbled some words

which I couldn’t understand.

his lips slightly twitched

he mumbled some words again.

was it  last paryers, delirium or pain  ?

As the early morning  sun rays

Seeped through the grey  curtains;

Illuminating his cadaverous face,

He wriggled  his legs fast,

Let go of my left  hand

And breathed his last..

I pulled the blanket over his face

After I d’ given him my  last embrace.



Welcome hither

oh mighty  death;

thy lethal blow

you strike,

whenever and wherever

you like.

at the outset , I knew my fate;

I’ll meet it early  or late.





life is an ephemeral flame,

fraught with blame

and ineffable shame.

I sinned and thought it a fleeting game

but it was met with no acclaim.


to lust I succumbed

and women’s busts I screwed.

once the lewd beast satisfied,

an acute qualm  ensued

and a prick of conscience renewed.

forgive me God

for all that   I did

and take no  heed

of my vile deed.

for your mercy , I plead

and from now on

abstinence is my creed.


The Bleak sea

For the last few years , More and more third world youngsters ( mainly in Africa) have been trying hopelessly to cross perilously the Mediterranean basin aboard shaky boats in order to reach the « dreamland » : Europe. Fleeing a despicable situation characterized by unemployment, deprivation and destitution. these youngsters are obviously despondent pondering over a grim homeland and aspiring to a bright future overseas.They hold the deep-seated conviction that on the other side of the sea life is much better and the living conditions are humane ,so it is worth venturing the stormy sea cost what it may be.They pay an expensive fare( up to 4000dollars) between Africa and Europe ,the arrival is not guarranteed,though. Most of them perish and end up down the seabed, the more fortunate do actually reach the shore ,and the less fortuante get caught by coast guards.Networks have formed in the north of Morocco , and which prey on these people’s predicaments and dreams.

Mass media worldwide and mainly in Europe have been covering this phenomenon which they allude to as “clandestine immigration”.There is more to this than that.It is an indicator of the North and The South .It is also a sign of all the ills which gnaw at these underdeveloped countries such as corruption,embezzlment,nepotism inter alia. In addition to the wide range of social and economic problems that prevail there.The bad omen is the fact that even the university garduates constitute a considerable proportion of the candidates for illegal immigration.This is an absurd brain drain which results in Africa’s youth force being depleted.

Europe isn’t ready to integrate the high flow of African immigrants that is why the EU imposed the visa and strict measures to regulate the drift of “outsiders”.And with the expansion of the EU to Eastern European countries, the labour force from Poland, Romania ….ect is favoured to non-Europeans.Nonetheless, most employers in Western Europe prefer African workers because their wages are lower than the Europeans’.To look at the matter from a futuristic perspective, Europe needs these immigrants because they can contribute to activate a stagnant birth rates in most of Europe.This continent is aging and it requires new blood to instill in its tissues life youth and vigour.However, many people resist this prospective vision and reject any idea of a multi-racial society claiming that “the purity of the race” should be preserved staunchingly along with job opportunities(for the natives of course), and they embrace racist,and xenophobic beliefs against foreigners.We are all cognizant of such people as Jean Marie Le pen,Joerg Haider and the clandestine armed groups like the Skin Heads and the far right parties in general .

The entire international community should come together to put an end to this mass suicide.Urgent and viable measures must be undertaken to achieve this goal.First and foremost, rich countries should provide logistical and financial assistance to poor areas in Africa,Asia and Latin America in order to encourage the population to settle down and brush aside the prospect of emigration.Not much is being done in this respect by affluent countries.For instance, The Americans donate less than 1 % of its GNP to third world countries while they can give up to 10 % .And let’s not forget the huge amount of money spent on silly projects such as weaponry, SETI ( searching for extra terrestrial intelligence) meanwhile millions of humans are starving to death, or earn less than one dollar a day.I can self-assuredly say that the United Nations can and should do more to alleviate the sufferings of people in the southern hemisphere by raising funds to make sure that reforms and concrete measures are substantiated as well as the promotion of democracy and equality in these countries.Thus the UN has to take preventive steps and not be contented with symbolic interventions in certain conflicts.In other words, the responsibilities and the priorities of this world organization have to be drastically reshaped .We have noticed recently that all the countries of the world have become the mouthpieces against terrorism and they have overlooked far more insidious ailments which gnaw at our societies and which foster these terrorist acts ;namely , extreme poverty, oppression and injustice .To abolish terrorism altogether we have to eradicate the aforesaid ills first.

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