My Very First Cinquains

Sweet, secure
Caring , sharing, bearing
A rare Spiritual communion


pure , cute
playing , exploring ,laughing
the emblem of happiness

My wife
Beautiful, respectful
Loving , giving , supporting
Absolute symbol of devotion

19 Responses

  1. this is a great poem and excellent form 🙂

  2. i really like the 3rd one and the surprise in that last line 🙂

  3. I very much love the first of these three. It has a gorgeous flow and solid language. It’s nice to visit your blog.

    Warm wishes,

  4. Thanks for reminding me there are still people out there who value love as much as you do. 🙂

  5. the blanket of love! enjoyed it.


  6. Thank you for sharing Wordwand. Your Cinquains intrigue me, I love your blog.

  7. Inspired lines, Wordwand – and a great blog you have. Thank you.

  8. aawww….thats a lovely poem there..simply marvelous…
    and hey you’ve been awarded…!!
    You’ve received the Sunshine Award..!!!
    check it out here

  9. Beautiful! Really nice.

  10. Pyjamas
    cool, bananas
    unbuttoning, peeling, stealing
    cotton on to metaphors

    Which is to say, I owe my introduction to a poetry to Cinquains. Thanks for prompting a response.

  11. proper identification for marriage, children and life

  12. Wow, i do like this.

  13. Beautiful; Nicely done!!!!


  14. Wonderfully worded. How it for all should be 🙂

  15. Very nice indeed.
    Your first, so good and you are going to get so hooked! lol

  16. nicely done and on wonderful topics…family is always a huge inspiration to me.

  17. i love your cinquains… great job!:)

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