Acrostic: Viruses

Virulent viruses

Invaded my computer

Ravaged  my files

Usurped my hard disk

Spread within the system

Every chip was infiltrated

Security  completely failed.

A Love Poem

The poem below is my contribution to the thursday poets’ rally:

Our love was  sowed with a smile

It Bloomed into a sweet kiss

and  yielded  a life of marital  bliss.

The first day we met

it was mild and moonlit .

We sat under a  shady tree

we were happy and carefree.

I  held her  trembling hands

they were soft as  morning dew .

Her eyes were beautiful to see

her  eyelashes were beaming glee.

I caressed her long glossy hair

I loved the  way it floated in the air .

Her lips were velvet and thin

matching her delicate blushing skin

When I gave her my first  kiss

my body quivered with sheer  bliss.

We lay  still on the grass ;

we held each other close

and had a peaceful doze.

An Earth Day Acrostic Poem

An acrostic poem, sometimes called a name poem, uses a word for its subject. Then each line of the poem begins with a letter from the subject word.

Every day should be  an earth day

Avoid litter and trash, okay ?

Reforest bare lands with trees

Take care of rivers , oceans and seas

Have pity on mother earth please.


Now, listen to a Canadian girl who summed up the ecological crisis in about 6 minutes.

Domestic Violence

A week ago ,  a   man in his late forties defenestrated ( threw out of the window)  his wife  in front of  his two kids. The man who  is reputed to be a drunkard and a recidivist used to inflict  upon his wife  and kids all sorts of physical aggressions as well as  all forms of verbal  abuse.This   incident  appalled the public and has brought  the issue of domestic violence to the  forefront .

In Morocco , the family code of 2003  with  its plethora of amended laws  has encouraged  people to set up  associations and NGOs  to empower women and to protect them against spousal violence .They launched a series of campaigns to stop  such abusive behaviours ; along  the same vein ,  the  local mass media has contributed to achieve the same objective.And yet, domestic violence  cases seem to rise crescendo .

Now, that’s the tip of the iceberg and it’s frightening , but the hidden part of the iceberg is atrocious .First of all , only a third of  the domestic violence cases is reported to  the police and the associations.Moreover,  since sex is a taboo subject in our society , sexual abuses( against women and kids)  are not mentioned in reports . On top of that , the police usually adopt a lenient attitude towards reported domestic violence   and try to settle “the discord” amicably  unaware that  due to repeated acts of violence ,family  bonds can  be  severed beyond repair .

Ok, let’s talk about solutions now. First of all , I think that  we have to implement  a zero tolerance policy  and consider cases of domestic violence a felony charge the first time they occur .Education  is also  crucial and it can save lives.Associations and NGOs  are powerful tools and they can do a lot to alleviate the sufferings of people.The media is influential too and it can help sensitise people to the magnitude of this problem.It can also suggest safety plans to victims of domestic violence.Finally , if you witness a spousal act of violence , lend a helping hand to the victim , report to the police and be an agent of change .

The Awards of Jingle do Twinkle.

My blog has started to twinkle

thanks to the awards of jingle.

she is a true friend , so rare

a talented poet beyond compare

she  likes  to share

and her time to spare

to make poetry  shine

and our blogs  glare.

Thanks Jingle for these lovely awards, you’re really an exceptional friend.

The ShoeShine Boy

I’m proud and delighted to receive the perfect poet award for the third time. I’d like to thank jingle for this award and for the efforts she has been investing in the organisation of the thursday poets’ rally :

He was  a tiny smelly  boy

kicked out of second grade

To  become  a shoeshiner by trade.

He never had  a ball or a toy

he never played  or felt joy .

His childhood was betrayed

his innocence slowly decayed.

After he left school

The  brush became his tool.

Usually seated on a low stool

His hands covered with bruise

Deftly Polished people’s shoes

Brushing, buffing

Puffing for very few dimes

Not enough to survive the hard times.

Some customers  were so cruel

Seeing his mouth in drool

Used to  call  him “the fool”

But he managed to keep his cool.

All his  life  he had  to endure

A  heart disease without cure .

The   prospect  looms  obscure

So, Death was his lot for sure.


I nominate Trisha for the award; she is so  talented.

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