Timeless Verses

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939), Irish poet,

Come away, O human child!
to the waters and the wild
with a faery, hand in hand,
for the world’s more full of weeping
than you can understand…
– – – W. B. Yeats

Dust in the Eyes

Barefaced wordsmiths

despicable loudmouths

they raise pretentious slogans

and inflated watchwords

they use  pompous words

with a rare slight of tongue

they sell hollow promises

that burst like soap bubbles.

to keep the masses at bay.

Amidst a moral decay

They build a wall of lies

and throw dust at the eyes

Enslaved to the benches

they hide in the trenches

they toss bones to people

and  engage in another bout

term in term out.

Timeless Verses

Emily Dickinson

( 1830-1886 Mass, US)

Fame is a bee.
It has a song—
It has a sting—
Ah, too, it has a wing.


with quick, cautious steps
I walked  among the crowd.
with a bated breath
I saw strange , distorted faces
pass by pitilessly.

Lost , confused
on the brink of panic
I moved on even quicker
amidst a disturbing chaos
and a deafening cacophony.

an adrenalin onrush ; a racing heart
a spinning head and droplets of sweat
brought my steps to a halt

dark thoughts  swarmed   fast
my dazzled eyes  shut

silence at last …….
total blackout.

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother. The blessing of God in a human form. Having a mother is probably God’s greatest boon in our lives. It’s her love that makes us strong, her care that prepares us to face the world, her hands that help us overcome all the trying times of life. Yet, what do we give back to her? It’s Mother’s Day again.Happy mother’s day to all the mothers of the world.

My mom is sweet and special

Open-hearted and wonderful;

Tactful in her daily speech

Her wisdom is a course to teach .

Emblematic of devotion and sacrifice

Rare insights and sensible advice.

See The Truth

The truth is out there

it reigns supreme.

Break the silence
And you’ll hear The truth scream.

Open your eyes
And you’ll see The truth beam.

Speak out The truth, Only the Truth
And you’ll be held in high esteem.

Hold on tight , don’t let go
And never follow the stream.

Break the iron gate of deceit
And you’ll taste the sweetness of your dream.

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