Welcome hither

oh mighty  death;

thy lethal blow

you strike,

whenever and wherever

you like.

at the outset , I knew my fate;

I’ll meet it early  or late.





life is an ephemeral flame,

fraught with blame

and ineffable shame.

I sinned and thought it a fleeting game

but it was met with no acclaim.


to lust I succumbed

and women’s busts I screwed.

once the lewd beast satisfied,

an acute qualm  ensued

and a prick of conscience renewed.

forgive me God

for all that   I did

and take no  heed

of my vile deed.

for your mercy , I plead

and from now on

abstinence is my creed.


10 Responses

  1. beautiful and very powerful.

  2. I love the image and the layout of thise piece. beautifully written and fantastic continuous rhyme in each stanza 🙂

  3. I like the image you chose for this poem. Did the image inspire the poem or did you look for an image to match the poem after you had written it?

  4. u r very talented,
    loved the layout
    and the spirits in it.

    elegant post!

  5. What I think the worst part of giving into lust is…that you then become haunted by the fear that someone you love will do the same thing. So you force yourself to pay much more for the act than you could have imagined in the heat of the moment.

  6. Great, mature poem.

  7. A poem for matured minds…I love the way you tucked the story line in.

  8. Quite a nice poem of remorse…it is good that we do not have to pay full penance for our actions.

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