A Haiku

I cast a stone in the lake

It sinks with a  Splashing   sound

“Nessie” peeks its head out of the water


Do you believe in the Loch Ness monster ?

A Haiku

The sky shrouded in clouds

Rays break through.

A UFO landing?


I don’t believe in UFOs, do you ?

A couple of Haikus

The following  couple of poems aren’t typical haikus  because they don’t include a kigo ( a seasonal reference) and they don’t abide by the well-known haiku pattern (     three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables ) but I hope they are imagistic enough and capture the moments I want  to share with you .

A salmon swims down a  river

leaps out of a waterfall

a grizzly bear  snatches  it .


A squirrel  scampers   out of a hole

Into a large thick  turf

                                                             A golden  egale grabs  the squirrel up. 

Spring Haiku

  The early morning sun rays
Brighten the snow-capped mountain
As the sheep bells chime.

The lovely bud opens up
Cute petals unfold
A bee sits atop with glee

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