Spring Haiku

  The early morning sun rays
Brighten the snow-capped mountain
As the sheep bells chime.

The lovely bud opens up
Cute petals unfold
A bee sits atop with glee

14 Responses

  1. This is very beautiful!!!
    I already see how looks the spring in your eyes 🙂

    Have fun!!!

  2. oh, spring…. i can just imagine the beauty of the blooming flowers… loveds your haiku… this is for you:


  3. I love the second one, they both put a smile on my face though 🙂

  4. http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/03/01/awards-on-the-sunshine-blogger-buddy-and-more/

    an award 4 u.
    thank u for bringing love and kindness to blogging world.

  5. A very good post, Haikus.

  6. Lovely Haikus.
    Happy MARCH!


  7. nice poem, makes a image of a beautiful morning scene in the mind, ( like it) Keep writing

  8. Sprout Haiku!!!

  9. Beautiful Haiku,
    keep writing!

  10. I think I’ll start writing haiku. 🙂

  11. they both are adorable. simply adorable.

  12. Haikus are always so interesting for me! I think the second one is really cute 🙂

  13. beautiful!read through some of your other poems..love your style..and thanx for passing through:)

  14. I love haiku, such a challenging form. Beautiful first haiku.

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