Mea Culpa

I did hurt you

shame on me

but let’s start anew

I hope you ‘ll agree.

I pricked your pride

shame on me

but let’s move on side by side

Cos I  luv  thee.

I made you cry

shame on me

but lets’ give it a try

I think you won’t disagree.

I beg you to forget and forgive

and wipe grudges away

I hope you’ll stay

cos  without you , I can’t live.



Welcome hither

oh mighty  death;

thy lethal blow

you strike,

whenever and wherever

you like.

at the outset , I knew my fate;

I’ll meet it early  or late.





life is an ephemeral flame,

fraught with blame

and ineffable shame.

I sinned and thought it a fleeting game

but it was met with no acclaim.


to lust I succumbed

and women’s busts I screwed.

once the lewd beast satisfied,

an acute qualm  ensued

and a prick of conscience renewed.

forgive me God

for all that   I did

and take no  heed

of my vile deed.

for your mercy , I plead

and from now on

abstinence is my creed.


My Definition of life.

Life is ambiguous
A puzzle , so intricate
Impossible to unravel

Life is treacherous
A journey , so dangerous
Risky to travel

Life is acrimonious
Full of grudges and anger
Hard to shovel

Yet, life is beauteous
Love and pleasures
Impossible not to marvel.

So , carpe diem
Cos life is transient,
do enjoy every single moment.

A glimmer of despair .

My useless life
Tastes so bitter.

Rosy dreams
Shattered to pieces

No glimmer of hope
Perceived or seen

My intimate foe
Gnawed my liver.

Looming , threatening
to strike
Sooner or later.

Hope Springs Eternal

life is only a fleeting moment

Happiness is nearly everyone’s figment.

A mirage as soon as in close contact

vanishes from view and swiftly departs.

sadly Left with feelings tasting bitter

and expectations shattered by jitters.

seldom does a dream come true

yet never quit but start anew.

Happiness is under hot pursuit

shall we one day fathom the truth?

That the almighty has decided our fate

so never protest, reel or agitate

No one but Him shapes our destiny

accept it as the pious and the brainy.

Macabre Thoughts

Death : the absolute truth:

It ‘s a pure truism to note that every human soul will make the death rattle .Mankind is doomed to get wiped out off the face of the earth .life is transient ; eternity is the preserve of the Omnipotent .Yet, most humans thrust the prospect of death in the limbo of the forgotten and behave as if they would live forever. Intermittently, The loss of kith or kin serves as a reminder of the certitude of death.

Death Phobia:

Human beings fear death .They know it is a certitude but it remains a mystery they can’t fathom.Likewise, death is closely associated with burial, tombs and darkness.The prospect of being entombed underground sends a chill down anybody’s spine.The certainty that one will get separated from his relatives and friends is a disturbing thought as well. However, pious people don’t dread death in itself , but the meeting of Allah, the judgement and the verdict.

Death : the destroyer of pleasures:

Life is the cradle of pleasures.Most people indulge in multifarious pleasures : money ,sex, food , procreation…etc .Death puts an end to all of these.These earthly pleaures themselves are short-lived and susceptible to fade away in hours or even seconds.The eternal ,genuine pleasures are to be found in paradise in the after-life.

Death : the grand leveller:

Life is brimful of inequities.Some people are filthy rich while others are poverty-stricken; some are healthy whereas others suffer from incurable or chronic diseases, a few are leaders but the majority are subjects and subordinates.Death level the palying field .All are sent back to clay in humble coffins ;possessions and prerogatives are left behind .Kings and beggars occupy similar graves having as company worms.

Death : the end ?

Even the staunch atheists recognize the certain advent of death , but they fail to conceptualize an after- life .For them , death is the terminus of life ; they envisage neither judgement nor reward after death.They think resurrection is an impossible occurence .This is of course sheer nonsense because every human soul shall be brought back to life ( this is easy task for Our Lord), shall go through a fair and strict judgement of deeds ; which entails either reward ( paradise) or punishment (hell).In fact ,death is the watershed between life and the Hereafter.

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