My Definition of life.

Life is ambiguous
A puzzle , so intricate
Impossible to unravel

Life is treacherous
A journey , so dangerous
Risky to travel

Life is acrimonious
Full of grudges and anger
Hard to shovel

Yet, life is beauteous
Love and pleasures
Impossible not to marvel.

So , carpe diem
Cos life is transient,
do enjoy every single moment.

14 Responses

  1. lovely poem, with a nice message at the end 🙂 this flows so well

  2. Mm, such a wonderful vocabulary! I enjoyed reading this!

  3. Nicely worded, thoughtful piece.

  4. The way you use the words is inspiring…

  5. An exectionial piece, Im glad i was able to enjoy it, thanks for sharing and visiting my website.

  6. so very wonderfully correct. i completely agree with you.

  7. Life is really worth to be enjoyed. Great Poem!

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  9. Yes, it is all just moments.

  10. This is so beautiful. It has a nice rhythm to it also. Thanks also for visiting my site and your comments!

  11. love this ….and hey you’ve been awarded…
    You’ve received the Sunshine Award..!!!
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  12. I love the vast amount of words in your vocabulary and your ability to use them in your poems.

  13. amazing job,
    I agree that life is magical and multi-faced…

    outstanding poem!

  14. description for a wonderful life, yes, we should enjoy every moment, but from the sense that we give to this life.

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