Hear my Heart.

You’re  the sunshine  of my   life

and I want you to be my wife.

Cos Your beauty is rapturous

Your mouth is voluptuous

Your eyes’  color is  exotic

And  your  lips are  so  erotic.

you ‘re The  eternal flame of my heart

and Nothing will tear us apart

Cos Your face is art

Your mind is smart

Your voice is melodic

And your body is rhapsodic.

I love you more than words can say

Or this  poem can convey.

13 Responses

  1. i definitely love your posting kind, very remarkable,
    don’t quit as well as keep penning simply because it just that is worth to read it.
    looking forward to look at far more of your articles, good bye 🙂

  2. I like it!

  3. hey… :)… thanks for writing a comment on my poem “love me my dear”…. I liked this poem of yours… dedicated to your love i hope…. :)… good…..

  4. http://justmeshakira.wordpress.com/

    here is Shakira’s wordpress.com link.
    Best wishes!

  5. Simple and delightful! Simply delightful.

  6. Great poem. I love the last two lines…that’s the killer.

  7. Really sweet.

  8. nice love poem…it is so hard to capture just that feeling of why i love you…

  9. dear ww,
    this is awesome. loved the poem and picture (i love sky and if white cloud is added.. the effect is pure magic on me).
    with warmest wishes,

  10. Very nice love poem…you seem to focus a lot on exteral beauty and not so much on the internal aspect of love.

  11. a beautiful love poem 🙂 great rhyme

  12. u r the sunshine of my life,
    i want u to be my wife…
    loved the beautiful opening…
    grogeous poem!

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