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Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 9The Perfect Poet Award  poet-award/

When I have the blues

When  darkness falls

I  love   to stay alone

In my world of fantasy

My  abode of  ecstasy.

I love   to stay alone

Digging in my inner-self

Rummaging  my  feelings and  thoughts

Pondering my deeds  and faults.

I love    to stay alone

Fantasizing, Daydreaming.

Building  castles in the air

Castles Born of hope or  despair.

I love    to stay alone

drawing    rosy prospects

and dreams so sweet

on    bleak-looking   sheets.

I love    to stay alone

Reading Ancient myths

and tales of woe,

Reading  don Quixote

Fighting an  Invisible  foe.

I love    to stay alone

Writing about my inner self

About my feelings and thoughts.

Writing about my fantasies and dreams

About  my castles built in the air

Castles born of hope or  despair .

Writing about my personal woes

About my  fears and invisible foes .


For nomination, my vote goes to a blogger  whose poetry I  highly appreciate


34 Responses

  1. Solitude ! it is one of the best companions I ever had!! .. your poem captures the image beautifully 🙂 . And thanks for your comments on my blog. They are really encouraging

  2. In my caldren
    In my vile
    I stand alone
    At peace awhile

    My dance is stark
    My quest shrieks long
    Alone in my dark
    While I heed ahead strong

    The white embarks sight
    The black envy intrigue
    As day sleeks back to night
    My fear folds frozen fatigue

    There could be some wisdom
    There is always a known
    In sight of life’s kingdom
    I’ll search for it ALONE

    Thanks for your comments

  3. I’m having one of those days, today….some “alone” time, and it’s wonderful. Love your poem!

  4. “I love to stay alone
    Reading Ancient myths
    and tales of woe,”

    Those words are so lovely 🙂

  5. Gr8 work mate!!…the thoughts that goes on a lonely mind well expressed..gr8 play of words!!.

  6. That was beautiful. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks. 🙂

  7. Beautiful! Sums up how I feel, too, when I have the blues :).

  8. Abderrahim “wonderfully Done”! I did so enjoy this poem,for being alone does not mean you’re lonely. 😀

  9. I loved the new look of your blog.

  10. aawww…that was such a lovely poem abder…
    loved it… the words create a charming imagery..
    and somehow the last para looks like rudimentary form of a castle 🙂
    wonder if it was intentional 😀
    keep writing 😀

  11. Ah, the escape into the inner sanctum. Nicely delivered.

  12. This is a great poem about imagination. Loved it!


  13. Dearest WW,

    Thank you so much for your visit and support at Amanda’s BOTW.
    I am so blessed to know you.

    Keep the FUNNIES in your weekends!


  14. I agree with Mitchell – my fave line is “Reading don Quixote, fighting an invisible foe”. Sometimes being alone with words – our own or others – is the best way to get over those blues.

  15. I think that poem sums up my life. It was very nice.

  16. this is so powerful

  17. Congrats on you award, You deserve it that you do. Great Job

  18. I love to stay alone as well,
    that’s the time for you to discover your potential in writings…
    incredibly done!

  19. I really like this so much.
    I can relate, love and always will treasure my solitude.
    Well done , WW.

    Here from Jingle!
    Welcome to the Rally!

    Happy Thursday!

    Did you know that I am now hosting a new meme? Find out more Blog of the Week Please join us for the WEEKEND FUNNIES. Week #2 is this Friday to Sunday (March 26-29). See you there? hugs shakira Oscar Wilde-The IRISH Gentleman ART OF GENEROSITY


  20. its awesome. i too loved the don quixote part- its cute and funny 🙂

    thanks for the honour of appreciating my poem. i mean it. because i am awed by your poems and the poems of others in our group.

  21. really beautifully done…

  22. I often enjoy my solitude, too. A time to really think. Beautiful words.
    You’ll find mine here.

  23. wonderful! another great poem, wordwand… 🙂

  24. “Building castles in the air
    Castles Born of hope or despair.”

    I love this poem, this line captured my imagination, great piece

  25. Wow. I really like this!

  26. Wow! Your thoughts are matching with mine sir.I love to stay alone……
    I am so impressed.Can’t express my self in words.

  27. I absolutley love the title of this. Beautifully written. I think when we’re feeling down, we need to be alone to work through it and be able to welcome other to be with us.

  28. Beautifully said!

  29. cool!

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