Timeless Verses


Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul,

And sings the tune without the words, 

And never stops at all.

Emily Dickinson

Void Soul

I’ m glad to get the Thursday perfect poet award     http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/06/11/thursday-poets-rally-week-22-the-perfect-poet-award/

my   rosy dreams have faded

drooped , withered

and crumbled to ashes.

despondency  oozes

out of  the myriad cracks

in  my derelict  soul.

my wrinkled heart

beats listlessly ,  slowly

on the rythm of loneliness.


under  the heavy tension

and the insufferable pain

my congested brain 

becomes a real bomb

ready to go off.


I nominate Tim Keeton for the perfect poet award, he possesses  huge  poetry talents.

The Woolgatherer

Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 9The Perfect Poet Award

http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/03/12/thursday-poets-rally-week-9-the-perfect-  poet-award/

When I have the blues

When  darkness falls

I  love   to stay alone

In my world of fantasy

My  abode of  ecstasy.

I love   to stay alone

Digging in my inner-self

Rummaging  my  feelings and  thoughts

Pondering my deeds  and faults.

I love    to stay alone

Fantasizing, Daydreaming.

Building  castles in the air

Castles Born of hope or  despair.

I love    to stay alone

drawing    rosy prospects

and dreams so sweet

on    bleak-looking   sheets.

I love    to stay alone

Reading Ancient myths

and tales of woe,

Reading  don Quixote

Fighting an  Invisible  foe.

I love    to stay alone

Writing about my inner self

About my feelings and thoughts.

Writing about my fantasies and dreams

About  my castles built in the air

Castles born of hope or  despair .

Writing about my personal woes

About my  fears and invisible foes .


For nomination, my vote goes to a blogger  whose poetry I  highly appreciate



A glimmer of despair .

My useless life
Tastes so bitter.

Rosy dreams
Shattered to pieces

No glimmer of hope
Perceived or seen

My intimate foe
Gnawed my liver.

Looming , threatening
to strike
Sooner or later.

Hope Springs Eternal

life is only a fleeting moment

Happiness is nearly everyone’s figment.

A mirage as soon as in close contact

vanishes from view and swiftly departs.

sadly Left with feelings tasting bitter

and expectations shattered by jitters.

seldom does a dream come true

yet never quit but start anew.

Happiness is under hot pursuit

shall we one day fathom the truth?

That the almighty has decided our fate

so never protest, reel or agitate

No one but Him shapes our destiny

accept it as the pious and the brainy.

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