Sweet Home

Wherever you go or  roam

There ’s no better   place

like home ,sweet home .

Home is where you got care

Home is where you got  love.

Home is where family share

Home is where hearts interwove.

Home is where peace is

Away  from dangers and harm

Home is where you feel at ease.

Completely cosy  and warm.

Home is where I belong

Home is where I feel strong.

Home is the cradle of my hopes

Herein lie my dreams .

Home is the womb of my memories

Herein my past beams .


23 Responses

  1. a nice poem which touch the heart of every home seeker… sweet home is a place with loving hearts

  2. I miss the idea of home. You captured it exceedingly well.


  3. Perfectly put, well done

  4. a really sweet poem about home….home is where the heart is

  5. A really sweet poem about sweet home. I miss my home so much, miss my parents, my little sister. home is where the heart is, really

  6. A great way to describe home.
    You’ll find mine here.

  7. there is nothing quite like home…eloquently put…

  8. I think you’ve sufficiently defined home here. good work!

  9. very pretty and true! there is nothing like home.

  10. What a refreshing poem. Nothing is more soothing than home. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  11. Words from the heart describe beautifully what a home should be.

  12. Home really is in the heart. I like this.

  13. Rahim your poem is so beautiful and full of love!!! I truly enjoyed it,and your new sight!. 😀

  14. Great poem. Have a great week. 🙂

  15. Rahim,
    What a beautiful new home you have , I love your template!
    What a wonderful lovely poem to go with it!

    My SUPERHERO SUNDAY my Sunday 160 and Microfiction Monday for your perusal



  16. you write about common feelings so visidly,
    I have been there,
    Glad to see you in the same place…

    splendid poem!

  17. home is the most beautiful place in earth. i really love the new look of your blog-its sophisticated and artistic.

  18. The beauty of home is something i have forgotten thanks for the reminder.

  19. Abderrahim,
    I like this poem especially the last part that ties in future in hopes and dreams and the past of memories…
    I really like the line “cradle of my hopes” and the tie in of cradle with “lie my dreams”
    I also like the line “womb of my memories”

    Nice work, thanks for posting…



  20. Very nostalgic. Nice poem. 🙂

  21. The line “Home is the womb of my memories” is so very beautiful…thankyou every so much fjor that1

  22. smart and true!

  23. nice theme of the poem… gr8… gud… :).

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