Happy Mother’s Day

Mother. The blessing of God in a human form. Having a mother is probably God’s greatest boon in our lives. It’s her love that makes us strong, her care that prepares us to face the world, her hands that help us overcome all the trying times of life. Yet, what do we give back to her? It’s Mother’s Day again.Happy mother’s day to all the mothers of the world.

My mom is sweet and special

Open-hearted and wonderful;

Tactful in her daily speech

Her wisdom is a course to teach .

Emblematic of devotion and sacrifice

Rare insights and sensible advice.


7 Responses

  1. lovely acrostic in tribute to mothers. This reminds me that I should finish the poem I started so my mom can have it although Mother’s Day is long gone. Thanks for sharing!

  2. awe that was beautiful, im sure your mom will have loved this, bravo..

  3. Paradise lies at a mother’s feet…

  4. beautiful tribute to a mother, i can guess how amazing your mother must be by knowing you. 🙂

  5. smiles…a beautiful tribute to your mom and all moms…hope all the moms in your life have a great mothers day!

  6. A lovely poem for the upcoming holiday.

  7. Lovely. I hope you share this with your mother.

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