Dust in the Eyes

Barefaced wordsmiths

despicable loudmouths

they raise pretentious slogans

and inflated watchwords

they use  pompous words

with a rare slight of tongue

they sell hollow promises

that burst like soap bubbles.

to keep the masses at bay.

Amidst a moral decay

They build a wall of lies

and throw dust at the eyes

Enslaved to the benches

they hide in the trenches

they toss bones to people

and  engage in another bout

term in term out.

8 Responses

  1. what a brilliant piece of work friend, complicated but understandable, well done..

  2. Right on Wordwand! Jingoists we call them….
    Nice poem Sir!

  3. I think this could be generalized to every country ….And there seems to be no choice … in the end you r gonna have to choose the least bad apple from the rotten lot

  4. “They build a wall of lies
    and throw dust at the eyes”

    I enjoyed reading your lines very much 🙂

  5. Well said! I think politicians in England have had an easy ride considering all the dubious events recently. I had an idea the other week to write a poem on this subject called liars. Probably will, but won’t post it because I want to try leave my politics out of my blog!

  6. This is so profound. I had to read it several times to appreciate the depth line by line. Seems a perfect description of the house of representative here in my country… always the same… term in, term out! Thanks for having led me to your awesome work! I feel the soul here and the very soothing melody creates an air of contentment. It’s almost like I don’t ever want to leave 🙂

  7. One would think that the public at some point would learn to cover their eyes to block the dust…thought provoking poem.

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