with quick, cautious steps
I walked  among the crowd.
with a bated breath
I saw strange , distorted faces
pass by pitilessly.

Lost , confused
on the brink of panic
I moved on even quicker
amidst a disturbing chaos
and a deafening cacophony.

an adrenalin onrush ; a racing heart
a spinning head and droplets of sweat
brought my steps to a halt

dark thoughts  swarmed   fast
my dazzled eyes  shut

silence at last …….
total blackout.

12 Responses

  1. lovely! a deeply psychological masterwork.

  2. So many emotions swirling as I read this one. Very deep. Was it a panic attack?

  3. What a great poem…you weave such a tender and heartfelt story in it!

  4. scary. very tightly written rahim.

  5. Mysterious, yet it has a depth. Appears to be sincere feelings vs just a creative development. Bravo! Good job!

  6. a mysterious classic here friend, loved it, hope you are well 🙂

  7. nice intensity to this…the opening feels like a dream…the darknes at the end is rather a reflief actually…

  8. A sense of mystery in this poem.

  9. Reblogged this on AlLuluaa.

  10. Deeeeeeep…really good piece!! well done..

  11. Very well written and a perfect capture of that psychological state: “Panic Attack”! Thanks for sharing!

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