The Beggar


Seated on  cardboard

shabby and swarthy

careworn and haggard

stretching a cadaverous hand

covered with calluses

to make an urgent demand

for money and food .


Some  people pass  by

turn their heads away

seem not to care

they refuse to see

as if  nobody is there.


Others hear the plea,

rummage their pockets

only for a short while

and hand  some dimes

enough to paint a faint smile

on a face furrowed by  hard times.


54 Responses

  1. Wordwand,
    Excellent photo to go with the poem. That said, the imagery in your poem paints a great picture of its own. Nicely written.



  2. The hard truth…

  3. Your poetry is amazing. I love the imagery you cast into my mind. Thank you for sharing ! 🙂

  4. The photo/picture with the words is provoking. The despair, not so much maybe in the individual circumstances, but at the reaction of those that pass by, is what resonated the most to me.

    thank you for sharing.

    surface earth


    Happy Tuesday!
    Look to see if you like one or two awards there.

  6. great poem.. a reminder for all of us.. thank you 🙂

  7. Very poignant and so true. Thank you for sharing.

  8. You did an awesome job. It would be so nice if people looked at a homeless person as an equal human. I wonder if humanity will ever overcome their difficulties of someone different, the unfamiliar to them.

  9. Enough of the great ones have said. I need not say more

    But a simple thanks!

    You may like this

  10. Great poem, very moving.

  11. Excellent piece. It gives a voice to those who often do not have one.

  12. Wonderful words. Simple, but tells a story through imagery. Bravo.

  13. The truth is what you speak, a good observation of life. The sad part of life, I often wondered if some of them aren’t messengers of God sent to observe us and write in the book of life about how kind and compassionate mankind is or NOT.


  14. oh… i’m a little split about this. Not very charitable (sorry) but this moved me to change that.

    good job

  15. what a sharp thoughts bro
    well done

  16. poignant. love the alliteration in the first verse, the hardness in the sound of it. very well written.

  17. what a clear picture that your words painted here. =) i love it!

  18. i have read this piece of yours really is a fantastic verse..cheers Pete

  19. very, very good.

  20. An image we do confront. Challenges something in us. Thank you for this. – Bill

  21. awesome poem….welcome back:)

  22. Excellent poem which really make me ponder:D feelings and emotions concealed deep within this poem 😀 wonderful, thank for sharing and I am looking forward for more!

  23. this is excellent, very powerful, very honest

  24. Vivid that was supposed to be 😦 x

  25. Vuvid imagination so beautidully expressed. Thanks my friend ~ Hugs

  26. this poem remember me of the little match girl by William McGonagall. great poem

  27. begging has become a menace here… its really sometimes hard to tell who is genuinely in need of help…
    beautifully written …

  28. Great piece…there are many people suffering…even here in the US see more and more on the streets….well said..bkm

  29. nice blog, would like to know how u post the time and date on your blog.look beautiful.thanks


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    Thank you in advance!

  31. brilliant as usual!

  32. a timely poem describing the crucial times of the crisis we are having right now, globally. i see this a general sentiment and how affecting poverty is affecting almost two-thirds of the world.

    great poem, there wordwand.

  33. You paint a vivid picture of poverty, apathy; with a haunting glimmer of a “faint smile.” thanks. excellent poetry

  34. What a wonderful poem…I’ll be back for more:)

  35. It is a difficult life chosen. We all have paths and the downtrodden’s road is one that seemingly does not offer warmth. I sense your anger in the lines and applaud the image you offer us. Succinct poem

  36. Wow, great poem!

  37. Creative and touching poem, great work.

  38. A lovely homage to one downtrodden– well written!

  39. This is fabulous. I love the images you paint here. I can see him sitting there with his story written all over his face and hands and I canfeel his gratitude at the gifts.

  40. i enjoyed your poems about the under privilege, the down casted- and most of all your compassion towards them- that makes you an excellent friend..

  41. Very good, touching.

  42. what a touching poem,
    thank you for the kind heart.

    important information is posted…
    see you later.
    take good care…

  43. its sad people are still like this these days, alas some choose to live like this in the UK, a very sober post friend, miss your visits..

  44. Assalammualaikum, Rahim…
    this is an exceptional poem..I truly love reading it out loud…
    missing you…
    hope everything is fine with you.
    hope to chat with you soon?

  45. dear rahim,
    very beautiful and true portrayal. Its a everyday scene in Kolkata.
    warmest affections.

  46. This is fantastic

  47. Wordward this is an excellent poem. The homeless is close to my heart too since I started out as a young child giving out blankets, coffee, and sandwiches to them with the Salvation Army.

    I have posted a special short story written by my 7 year old grandson. Would you do me the honor of reading it and leaving him a little comment. I will be working with him over the summer on creative writing. Thank you for your kindness.

  48. great poem wordwand…the homeless are near to my heart as well…glad he got a smile…

  49. A great Poem…I could see the picture especially that short faint smile. Welcome back!

  50. Very good poem as you know this is subject close to my heart…thanks for the post.

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