The Beggar


Seated on  cardboard

shabby and swarthy

careworn and haggard

stretching a cadaverous hand

covered with calluses

to make an urgent demand

for money and food .


Some  people pass  by

turn their heads away

seem not to care

they refuse to see

as if  nobody is there.


Others hear the plea,

rummage their pockets

only for a short while

and hand  some dimes

enough to paint a faint smile

on a face furrowed by  hard times.


A Poker Game

I’m delighted to win the perfect poet award week 19.

I’d like to thank

sweet jingle for hosting and managing the Thursday poets’ rally

and    suzicate for nominating me to win this award .

Puffs  of  smoke rise

to a  cracked ceiling

where  a  bunch of  flies

buzz around a  lamp

dangling over seven guys

Seated at a round  table

Sweltering , sweating

Sipping a glass of  wine

eyes riveted on five  cards

Nervous but poker –faced.

Bets are instantly made,

no folding is signalled,

Time for the showdown.

Heartbeats race ,Adrenaline pump

a royal flush is revealed.

Thuds , Curses and swearing

Drown out  the winner’s cheering.


I nominate Emmanuel for the perfect poet award week 20

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