The Mythological Architect

The poem below  is my contribution to Jingle’s thursday poets’ rally

A  skilfull craftsman

a clever artisan

the architect in Greek myth

the designer of the labyrinth.

To keep the unwanted Minotaur

the king Minos of Crete

wanted a  labyrinth to be quickly built

and our hero performed the feat.

Yet, the king’s   reward was sour

as he imprisoned the architect and his son

in a high deserted  tower

so the  craftsman ‘s cunning was outdone.

The artisan gathered bird feathers

made use of wax and thread

devised huge  wings of freedom

and up they flew and fled.

The boy  was having too much fun

he  soared higher and higher

alas, the heat of the scorching  sun

melted the wax  from his wings.

The architect watched his son

trying  to go back down

but the damage couldn’t be undone

and the child was doomed to drown.


can you guess the names of this myth character and his son ?

40 Responses


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  2. dear missar,

    that is excellent! a mythological poem in its epic proportion and you have told the story very well. what i can say, just great, great, great!

  3. That was extremely well done.

  4. I loved this poem, it was like a song. Could this be the story of Icarus?


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    it could be considered as an award.
    have fun playing!

  6. Can’t say I knew the name before I read the poem, but saw someone else posted it 😉
    Great poem and it was a fun read!

  7. you have turned on the comment moderation?

  8. i know the name of the son icarus- read somewhere just a few days back.

    this story has always made me sad- the morbid end was unnecessary 😦

  9. classic tale! Cheers, and thanks!

  10. really enjoyed reading this! It jogged my memory of the story.

  11. icarus comes to mind!!! an enjoyable read down the roads of Greek mythology well done sir

  12. My dearest Rahim,

    You did such an awesome job by reintroducing
    such a mythology classic your way.
    I love Mythology and you had
    all the right essences from the picture prompt
    to the narrative poem, so beautifully crafted.
    So well done.

    I have missed you too, my dearest friend.
    thank you so much for all your lovely words and support.
    I truly treasure all your unconditional love, you are such a GEM.
    here is here
    Happy Friday!

  13. Awesome work!

  14. I love Greek mythology! This is such a sad story. But a great poem.

  15. Great retelling — I know the story but I was still hanging on every word.

  16. A story told within a poem i find is not an easy thing to acheive.
    Nicely done

  17. Icarus!!


    Now let me go peek at the other peoples’ answers!


    Wow — a couple people are so smart. I did not know about daedalus.

  18. Nicely written! Your narrative is beautifully delivered in verse. Thanks for stopping by yesterday– my poem is up now.

  19. Happy Thursday!
    Thank you for the contribution!

  20. The story of Icarus and Daedalus! This was beautifully done, good job!

  21. Yes that is a nice retelling of “The Flight of Icarus” I love Iron Maidens musical rendition of this story. thanks for sharing, the old storys should never die, thanks for keeping this one alive!


  22. I love this beautiful poem accompanied by the sublime illustration. Over at my pages you can see my poem that ‘dances’ around this mythological story, as part of my memory of a day in London (England) when I looked from a Thames bridge to see a bunjee-jump on the banks of the river. Sadly that day, I didn’t have my camera with me, but I immediately wrote down my thoughts, and, remembering Wordsworth’s poetic recollection (“On Westminster Bridge”) borrowed his ‘style’ and wrote my words.

    Hope you like it, if you get a chance to come b and see it at Thank you for being an amazingly creative writer/poet. Folk like you inspire folk lime me. I bow in admiration of your wonderful ability.

    BTW: I can’t trace the “cats” poem you wrote (your comments to me at refer. Can you help me find your poem and I’ll read and comment. Thanks! my friend. 🙂

  23. i cant remember but you made me think really.. wats that name?

  24. Great story telling. I enjoyed reading it.

  25. wwoowww.. abder that was beautiful 🙂

  26. yeah i know i know 😛 … its a Greek mythological story about Daedalus , a artist who was so brilliant and one of his work was labyrinth .to make sure no one else could build it he was imprisoned with his son (Icarus) .. he made these wings to escape but his son didn’t listen to him and died coz his wings melted when he soared higher .

    You have express it so beautifully. ..hats off

  27. hey, its always cool to bring back a classic story with fresh words.
    enjoy the rally,

  28. Great job, I’ve always loved greek mythology. Reading this has made me remember the character from the old Disney Hercules cartoon (tv show, not movie.)

  29. Awesome job. No guess, but I’ll be waiting to find out.

  30. I don’t remember his name!! But these posts are so fun! =)

  31. we all must be careful how high we fly…..very nicely done…bkm

  32. nice. i remember reading this as a child…thought your retellign is spectacular…icarus and daedalus…

  33. You retold this excellently. Enjoyed it.

  34. The illustration on top is excellent.
    it adds to comprehension of your readers.
    Hope that you feel free to visit poets,
    enjoy the time,
    and Happy Wednesday!
    I appreciate your participation!

  35. retelling a classical story is hard, you did an awesome job.

  36. Sorry my friend I can’t, but I will be waiting to find out. I love learning new things. Love the music and your poem, I find it to be intersted.

  37. Quite a good retelling of a classic story…always so enjoyable to read your writing.

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