I don’t really Care

I don’t really care

what you hide or  what you show

as long as I know

That the truth is naked and aglow.

I don’t really care

whether you sleep or lie awake

as long as I know

that your love is false and fake.

I don’t really care

what you think or believe

as long as I know

That you cheat and deceive.

I don’t really care

whether you ‘ll go or stay

as long as I know

That you lie and betray.

I don’t really care

What you say or what you  do

as long as I know

that I no longer love you.

I don’t really care

Whether you admit or deny

as long as I know

that it’s time to say goodbye.

18 Responses

  1. best wishes…

    feel free to share 1 to 3 random poems with us, our poetry potluck week 29 is to open on Sunday, at 8pm, American central..we remain open for 72 hours..

    hope to see you in.
    bless you.
    keep up the excellence.

  2. thats sad part of loving ..

  3. My dearest Rahim,
    You wrote so honestly, raw to the bone.
    I can totally relate to all the feelings and frustration and beyond.
    you are always in my prayers.

  4. sounds true. nicely written.

  5. Brilliant description about a state of mind where feelings cease to exist.When emotions are frozen,no body bother or care about any damn thing in this world.Love is such a magical thing that can make people fly higher and then can leave them picking up the broken pieces of their heart.

  6. reflection on “when all is said and done” evokes sadness and spent energy.
    Good work.

  7. dang so sad 😦

  8. bravo! describes the after effect feeling wonderfully. Bravo!

  9. The power of realization (painful and sad as it may be) and moving on. very touching.

  10. “I don’t really care” is the perfect line to repeat. Obviously there is care, however strained and irreparable. Great poem

  11. very raw and powerful- I love it! It’s so honest…

  12. I must also agree with Viola…divorce is a sad event, but may prove to be the only course of action to resolve what cannot be resolved otherwise…you’ve developed an good poem for discussing this topic.

  13. There is a certain comfort in knowing even the worst.

  14. well written poem,
    you touch a hot topic and done an unbeatable job!
    Happy Monday!

  15. Heavy and moving,sad too
    Very good!


  16. nice…..particularly
    “…as long as I know.That the truth is naked and aglow….”

  17. dear rahim,
    i too agree with viola- divorce is hell but sometimes its the only way of living.

    very beautiful and very sad poem.

    it touched deep inside.

  18. Divorce is always sad, but yet is the best action for many reasons for some couples. You have expressed very well a few of the reasons in this outstanding poem.

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