I love This Game

I love this lovely  game

a  game of money and fame .

a game of unbelievable shots

a game where the atmosphere is hot .

I love Fedrerer’s fantastic play

and Nadal’s show on clay.

I love Roddick ‘s  fast serve

and Murray’s wit and verve.

I love the footwork of Djokovic

and the countless  aces of karlovic.

I love Agassi ‘s   returns

and McEnroe’s ’  half- volleys.

I love Borg’s strong forehand

and Lendl’s flat backhand.

I love this exciting game

It’s got tennis as a name.


The French Open inspired me this poem.My apologies for the ladies because I focused on men’s tennis.

do you love tennis ?

if yes, what’s your favorite player ?


20 Responses

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  3. I love your poetry, it’s amazing.
    I can’t wait to read more.


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  5. Great description! Have you ever been to watch a game? I have worked in the Wimbledon Tennis Championships for many years, and watched games and even met a few players. Interestingly the game never had the same impact as when playing it. I didn’t enjoy watching it live. I remember my first game was semi-finals between the Serena sisters, and I was sitting right at the front and I didn’t get moved by it at all, like when I am watching it on the Television or playing tennis myself. Do you play tennis?

  6. I too just love tennis. india too have some shining stars in this field, they may not be very much in world ranking but are very dear to us because of their love for country which shines in their games. 🙂

  7. Cool homage to a great sport. Like how you mention some of the best ever. I used to watch just to see McEnroe have a tantrum. lol Well done.

  8. Really nice poem, wordwand 🙂
    Love it!

  9. What a wonderful poem! I don’t play but I love watching that game 🙂

  10. great poem although i do not understand even the basics of this game haha!

  11. brilliant post friend, I too like tennis, it will soon be wibledon time, here in the UK, cheerio lol.

  12. I have decided to share with you some of the poetry I penned about my childhood. Hope you enjoy them as I post one.


  13. lovely I love poem!

  14. Although I haven’t watch tennis in several years…well I watch very little on the tube these day…but when I did…I recall a fellow called Arthur Ash being my favorite.

  15. smiles. i used to watch tennis, though i think it has been years…we do enjoy going out to play though the boys end up chasing more balls than hitting. have a marvelous day!

  16. You are really a sweetheart. No problem we ladies know you love us. I like your poem and made me miss playing tennis. I played when I was in school but got out of it as I got older. Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem with us.

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