The Mythological Architect

The poem below  is my contribution to Jingle’s thursday poets’ rally

A  skilfull craftsman

a clever artisan

the architect in Greek myth

the designer of the labyrinth.

To keep the unwanted Minotaur

the king Minos of Crete

wanted a  labyrinth to be quickly built

and our hero performed the feat.

Yet, the king’s   reward was sour

as he imprisoned the architect and his son

in a high deserted  tower

so the  craftsman ‘s cunning was outdone.

The artisan gathered bird feathers

made use of wax and thread

devised huge  wings of freedom

and up they flew and fled.

The boy  was having too much fun

he  soared higher and higher

alas, the heat of the scorching  sun

melted the wax  from his wings.

The architect watched his son

trying  to go back down

but the damage couldn’t be undone

and the child was doomed to drown.


can you guess the names of this myth character and his son ?

The Mythical Trickster

I can’t believe it! I was offered the celebrate poet of April award .I’m really happy to get 18 votes in this event which means that 17 people appreciate my poetry ( excluding my own vote) . Thank you Jingle for putting great efforts to bring about such an exciting event, and I’d like to thank all my friends and especially those who voted for me .

An absurd  hero of  Greek myth,

the ruthless king of Corinth.

He was deceitful and vicious

Crafty ,Brutal and avaricious.

He enjoyed killing his guests

opponents and travellers.

He even   molested his niece

to satisfy his  queer caprice.

Imprisoned in an underworld  closet

after he revealed Zeus’ secrets.

He seized Thanatos a hostage

and  thus  incurred the Gods’ rage .

So, they punished him for his trickery

and condemned him to roll a boulder

up a steep hill   throughout  eternity.


Guess who is this mythological figure?

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