I Feel Free

I feel free

rowing a boat

across a murmuring river.

I feel free

walking through sunflowers

staring at the radiant sun.

I feel free

watching tides

flirting the rocks at the seashore.

I feel free

lying in the forest

counting the twinkling stars.

I feel free

listening to birds

twittering sweet melodies.

I feel free

holding you in my arms

indulging in your beauty.

8 Responses

  1. tq for coming by my old friend. a lovely piece!

  2. i have a small gift for you, 🙂
    hope you will fully return ASAP and make me really happy by accepting it.


  3. welcome back missar, since the last poem entry up to now, been more than a year. i love the refreshing freedom you have here 🙂

  4. come on Rahim! you are earnestly missed!!!!!

  5. Beautifully written, welcome back wordwand!

    Take care

  6. i feel so refresh after reading this. it’s certainly a new you rahim! thank you for leading me here.

  7. Makes me want to take a Louisiana vacation and feel free

  8. So full of bliss. Your soul seems to have revived. The poem is brimming with happiness, tenderness and absolute peace.

    welcome back my friend. may this spirit live within you forever.

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