Weekend Funnies

This is my contribution to Shakira’s weekend Funnies .Visit shakira’s blog and  enjoy yourself  here

Funny Headlines

16 Responses

  1. i had some nice moments watching these.

  2. Leno could use these headlines on his show.

  3. So funny 🙂
    Your blog looks so nice.
    Hugs Marinela

  4. LOL…interestingly funny. Nice contribution Wordy!


  5. lol superb friend, love the new look 🙂

  6. hahahaha, great post there wordwand. i didn’t know that you can be funny such as this.

  7. Hahahaha..you are so hilarious!
    thank you so much for your wonderful contribution, Rahim!
    I am not fully well yet but I will be back.
    I miss you too.
    Have you a great week!

  8. Thank you for the laughs, I needed it!! 🙂 These are simply hilarious!!

  9. These are hilarious!!!!! Thanks for making me laugh! I was working on a project and popping over to your blog was a perfect break.

  10. Happy Saturday!
    Thank you for visiting my blogger and I value your support.

  11. these were simply hilarious! just loved reading them. 🙂

  12. haha. love the signs…the one for the end of the world and houghton tickled me..we need one of those where i grew up…

  13. I dearly love it.

  14. ROTFLOL… Sooooo funny!

  15. too funny!

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