My Quotes

The past is inspiration ,

the present is perspiration

and the future is aspiration.

The Key To Success

This poem is my contribution to Jingle’s Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 12.

To fail  is n’t  to regress

It’s only  an extra stride

On the road to success

and sweet self-pride

it ‘s not a shame to fail

after you tried to no avail

but it’s shameful to retreat

after suffering a defeat.

it’s not a shame  to blunder

after you did  all your best

but it’s shameful to surrender

and resigned your success quest.

you’ve got to learn from mistakes

and to raise up your  stakes.

Set a  realistic goal to seek

And work hard to reach the peak.


Thanks jingle for this beautiful award, It’ll give me a strong impetus to go on improving my writing skill.

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