Void Soul

I’ m glad to get the Thursday perfect poet award     http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/06/11/thursday-poets-rally-week-22-the-perfect-poet-award/

my   rosy dreams have faded

drooped , withered

and crumbled to ashes.

despondency  oozes

out of  the myriad cracks

in  my derelict  soul.

my wrinkled heart

beats listlessly ,  slowly

on the rythm of loneliness.


under  the heavy tension

and the insufferable pain

my congested brain 

becomes a real bomb

ready to go off.


I nominate Tim Keeton for the perfect poet award, he possesses  huge  poetry talents.

True Love

Your love is a wonder
Soft and tender .
Your beauty is a splendor
To which I willingly surrender.

Your Love is sharing
We shared moments of joy
And moments of sorrow.
We shared memories of the past
And plans of to morrow.
We shared worries and fears
As well as laughters and tears.

Your Love is give and take
But you gave all and take none
You gave me true love
And a meaning to my life.
You gave me your body
and above all
you gave me your soul .

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