On a road that is too steep

murky memories are hard to keep.

Ineffable injuries  are very very  deep

They move at a  creep but

they ‘ve grown to a huge  heap .

 Sour sadness has taken a long leap

and my soul proves to be so cheap

that I start to wheeze and weep

then I  plunge into a nightmarish sleep.



My feelings were in utter chaos

Which I couldn’t really fathom,

But incurred people’s pathos.

I was a prey to spleen and boredom

Insomnia was my nightly friend,

Extremely fatigued from head to toe

My body was too feeble to mend

My self-esteem was gone and my spirits low.

I lost my appetite for life and food

Brooding over ideas of a gloomy kind

Irritability became my daily mood

Death and suicide haunted my mind

Thrusting into oblivion the Hard times I went through

Thus resolving to reshape my whole life anew

The Mourner

Since you departed this life at dawn

I’ve been profoundly forlorn

And my heart by sadness torn.

Your death ? I shall ever mourn.

A beam spread over your pallid face

as they tied the very last lace.

Kith and kin came to your funeral,

yet very few dared watch your burial.

They all euologize you

and bestow praise that is your due.

May you rest in serenity

and I’ll remember you for all eternity.

May paradise be your everlasting abode

away from this life and its load.

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