Still Mourning

I’m delighted to get the perfect poet award yet again.Special thanks go to  Jingle for hosting and managing the poets’ rally and  to all the participants in this rally.

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Mere words can’t convey

my grief after you died .

words of solace can’t take away

the pain I feel  inside.

words  of comfort can’t wash  away

The tears I have   cried .

The echo of your voice

Still resounds in my ears.

Your shadow in the playground

Still runs and plays with peers.

Your sweet smell in the house

Still lingers all these years.

Whenever  I see your photo on the wall

Flood of tears submerge my eyes.

Whenever I see your little sister

my worst fears  suddenly arise .

whenever I see your father

a piece of me withers and dies.

I’d like to nominate a prolific poet with an immense talent : William

My Legacy of suffering

I knew

Your pain was  unbearable

I knew

Your   situation was  insufferable

I knew

You were  seeking relief

From an excruciating grief

I knew

Your  suffering was  hard to sustain

With   heavy family and  job strain

I knew

You tried very hard to cope

But you abandoned all hope.

But I didn’t know

That you would cut your vein

And chose death

To end your pain.

Now , I’m on the brink of lunacy

And your suffering becomes my legacy.

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