A love poem

I wish you were with me

We would stroll in the beach

Hand in hand and barefoot

We would build sandcastles

From each grain of sand

We would listen to the ocean

In seashells lying on  the shore

I wish you were  with me

We would spend a night in the forest

To share our dreams and memories

We would enjoy the gentle  breeze

And listen  to the overwhelming silence

We would count the twinkling stars

Scattered like diamonds across the sky

I wish you were with me

We would dance under the heavy rain

Accompanied by rolls of thunder

And spotlit by flashes of lightning

We would paint the rainbow

On a pink canvas of love

To brighten our days forever.

I wish you were with me

I would sing you the rainbow song

To praise your peerless beauty

And to celebrate our matchless love .

The Rainbow Poem

Seven united colours embrace in harmony

To form a rainbow of matchless beauty

Red evokes a strong passion and desire

Spreading warmth and love like a glowing fire

Yellow displays a fathomless hope and aspiration

Away from despondency and desperation

Green reflects innocence and honesty

Everlasting freshness and rare purity

Blue suggest s genuine trust and loyalty

With a tinge of deep honor and royalty

Orange shows enthusiasm and stimulation

Mingled with great creativity and innovation

Indigo indicates rejuvenation and male energy

as well as incredible renewal and infinity

Purple bespeaks royal elegance and luxury

Along with sophistication and a bit of mystery.


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