Void Soul

I’ m glad to get the Thursday perfect poet award     http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/2010/06/11/thursday-poets-rally-week-22-the-perfect-poet-award/

my   rosy dreams have faded

drooped , withered

and crumbled to ashes.

despondency  oozes

out of  the myriad cracks

in  my derelict  soul.

my wrinkled heart

beats listlessly ,  slowly

on the rythm of loneliness.


under  the heavy tension

and the insufferable pain

my congested brain 

becomes a real bomb

ready to go off.


I nominate Tim Keeton for the perfect poet award, he possesses  huge  poetry talents.

My Legacy of suffering

I knew

Your pain was  unbearable

I knew

Your   situation was  insufferable

I knew

You were  seeking relief

From an excruciating grief

I knew

Your  suffering was  hard to sustain

With   heavy family and  job strain

I knew

You tried very hard to cope

But you abandoned all hope.

But I didn’t know

That you would cut your vein

And chose death

To end your pain.

Now , I’m on the brink of lunacy

And your suffering becomes my legacy.

My Prison

I wanna break

The somber  shackles

Of my seclusion .

I wanna  shatter

The bitter  chains

Of my delusion.

I wanna smash

The iron gate

Of my prison.

I wanna  thrust

The shame inside

Into the limbo

Of the forgotten.

I wanna throw

My  mind-pain

Into  the deep recess

Of  oblivion.

I wanna translate

My inner struggle

into the language

of the unspoken.

I wanna  spell

My guilty past

In the book

Of confession .

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