On the 16th of May , 2003 , my hometown tasted the grisly flavours of terrorism. The Casablanca bombings killed 45 people and wounded scores more.this attack was the deadliest in the history of my country.The perpetrators of  this hideous crime were youngsters aged between 20 and 24 .Most of them were recruited from poor areas in the outskirts of the city and they were subject to systematic brainwashing and indoctrination for several years.

To morrow , all Moroccans will pray for the souls of the dead innocents.


They disseminate fear

and germinate bloodshed

they are a bunch of fanatics

with means so barbaric.


Brainwashing and indoctrination

propaganda and rhetoric

they  plough  the minds of sick  souls,

uproot roses of love and good

to sow  Murky seeds of hate

To plant  therein

illusion and violence

Fallacies and vengeance

With a view to harvesting

Death and evil

Destruction and upheaval.

Yet, evil is frail

So the devils will fail

And love shall prevail.

Love and Peace

The poem below is my contribution to jingle’s thursday poets’ rally:jingle

To kill  innocents

in the name of   religion

is hideous


To kill  innocents

in the name of   race

is  odious



To kill innocents

in pursuit of  power

is an abomination



To kill innocents

For gas and  oil

is an execration



Enough of violence

Enough of bloodshed

Let’s break the silence

And work for peace instead.




Let’s be humane

And cease  war hostilitiy

Let’s be human

And  end  wild  animosity

Let’s  relieve pain

And save all  humanity


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