End of Spring

youth ‘s  ebbed

my health ‘s worn  away

my skin ‘s   wrinkled

my hair ‘s  turned gray.

My joints once sturdy

now quake and ache

my hands once steady

now noticeably shake .

It’s been a long journey

Sprinkled with memories

Dim and bright

Daubed with deeds

Wrong and right

Dotted with  sweet successes

and many  foul failures.

Count your Blessings

The poem below is my contribution to Jingle’s poets’ rally .

Count your blessings

Like children count stars.

Ignore  your troubles

and they’ll leave no scars.

Before he became a devil

Satan had been  an archangel.

Moses had a speech defect

but his message was accurate.

Mohammed was illiterate

but he had wisdom and strength.

Job lost health and wealth

But he had patience and faith

Jonas spent three nights

Inside a large whale

But his faith did not  fail .

Count your blessings

They outweigh your failings.

Make your blessings count

and their number will surely mount.


Moses, Jonas , Job and Mohammed are all prophets .

peace be upon them all

Health is Wealth

Your priceless treasure is health
It’s better than huge wealth.
You need strong resolve and wit
To stay healthy and keep fit.

Avoid overeating and junk food,
Cheer up and adopt good mood.
Regular exercise is a habit to highly rate
Have a balanced diet and check your weight.

Beware of smoking , drugs and spirits;
they ‘re health hazards and real demerits
cos they harm the body and the brain,
squander your money and inflict insiduous pain.

A sound mind in a sound body
is a lesson to learn for every lass and laddie.

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