I love This Game

I love this lovely  game

a  game of money and fame .

a game of unbelievable shots

a game where the atmosphere is hot .

I love Fedrerer’s fantastic play

and Nadal’s show on clay.

I love Roddick ‘s  fast serve

and Murray’s wit and verve.

I love the footwork of Djokovic

and the countless  aces of karlovic.

I love Agassi ‘s   returns

and McEnroe’s ’  half- volleys.

I love Borg’s strong forehand

and Lendl’s flat backhand.

I love this exciting game

It’s got tennis as a name.


The French Open inspired me this poem.My apologies for the ladies because I focused on men’s tennis.

do you love tennis ?

if yes, what’s your favorite player ?

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