The last Breath

Lying still  in bed

His face emaciated  and   pallid

Sweat droplets on his forehead

His eyes weary   and flaccid.

Staring at the ceiling ,

Shivering, coughing , squealing.

Smells of sickness filled the room

Twined with a deafning stillness

Gave a sense of  impending doom

And an aura of sadness.

I held his right  hand

It was cold and damp.

he mumbled some words

which I couldn’t understand.

his lips slightly twitched

he mumbled some words again.

was it  last paryers, delirium or pain  ?

As the early morning  sun rays

Seeped through the grey  curtains;

Illuminating his cadaverous face,

He wriggled  his legs fast,

Let go of my left  hand

And breathed his last..

I pulled the blanket over his face

After I d’ given him my  last embrace.

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