Mea Culpa

I did hurt you

shame on me

but let’s start anew

I hope you ‘ll agree.

I pricked your pride

shame on me

but let’s move on side by side

Cos I  luv  thee.

I made you cry

shame on me

but lets’ give it a try

I think you won’t disagree.

I beg you to forget and forgive

and wipe grudges away

I hope you’ll stay

cos  without you , I can’t live.

28 Responses

  1. This is very beautiful and well written.

  2. Good work. Congrats on the award! 🙂

  3. Very nice poem, love your style.

  4. Wonderful poem!!!

  5. Too bitter to think about. Great one. heart touching.

    Pls read my poems at my blog. Sir Martin likes them very much.

  6. You’re words are always powerful

  7. she better have forgiven you. that was sweet!

  8. This was so sweet….it reminds me of a love poem that begins will you come with me and be my love? Just plain spoken and beautiful.

  9. very beautiful. if love is true then it overcomes all obstacles. we all make mistake and true repentance wipes away most of them.


    perfect poet award week 22 reminder,
    thank you for the attention!

  11. I agree with all the others this is just so sweetly written. Sorry to read that you’ve been ill hope all is better with ya now! Great writing just plain loved this!

  12. I love this Poem…I consider it the best I’ve read from you. The message, the rhymes, the theme…all beautiful. Lovely work. Cheers!!!

  13. have a nice day,
    are you well?
    u said that you are sick, hope that you have fully recovered so far.

    stay cool,
    be positive,
    smile a lot,
    and have fun!

    thank you for taking the time to vote for other poets.
    your inoput is highly appreciated and valued.

  14. Heartfelt lines and inspired sentiment. If not forgiven with a poem like this one, then it may be an impossible grudge that is mentioned. Great poem, as always, wordwand.

  15. I felt like this could almost be a song…
    Very sweet poem.

  16. ah, with words like that i think you wil be forgiven…smiles.

  17. Great job Wordwand, a very touching poem!

  18. very nice poem friend, love the new look 🙂

  19. simple words with beautiful melody… It’s so sincere and romantic, I don’t think anyone can say ‘no, thank you’ 🙂

  20. If only it was this easy 😦

  21. Very romantic! Love it!

  22. wow,
    you are kind and funny…
    lovely poem!

  23. Sometime we need to remember, me included, that we are who we are and sometimes going back only prolongs the inevitable but I wish u luck either way 🙂

  24. A sweet and touching love poem…but alas to “forget that you forgave…is the mark of a saint.”

  25. A very touching and heartfelt poem. Great job on this one, Abderrahim.

  26. A great romance poem. Enjoyed it.

  27. A very heartwarming love poem, asking forgivingness for hurting the one you love. I think your words are very touching.

  28. awww that is so sweet..
    i wish that your true feelings get you what you desire!

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