In 6 Seconds

I’m proud to receive the perfect poet award once more.I’d like to thank Jingle and all the participants in the thursday poets’ rally for their sustained efforts and unconditional commitment.

On a dreary summer night

a car runs a  red light

brakes screech

a pedestrian is  hit

bystanders scream

The world comes to a halt.

A tub of ice-cream

Crushed  on the asphalt

A tiny boy lying nearby

Bathing in blood.


I nominate Shakira for the perfect poet award.

My prayers for her and her daughter.

47 Responses

  1. hope you well.

    Thanks for the support in 2010,
    Merry Christmas..

    hope to see you around someday..

  2. Wow. Yup.


    Welcome to comment for the poem,
    Pick up awards from previous post,
    enjoy the fun being surounded by friends in our community…


    three poetry awards,
    4 general awards…
    Enjoy the moment.
    Thank you for the contribution on poetry..

  5. @wordwand: I loved the 6 secs poem….

    true piece of work

  6. dear missar,

    you have captured to tell the story well of an accident on this poem. i do hope that governments around the world should make the streets safer for children.

    wonderful poem!

  7. it is crazy how fast someone’s life can change. good job portray a sadder side of life.

  8. I think you are a fine poet… 🙂
    Peace to you,

  9. this sounds so sad and tragic… good work!

  10. …and all these things happened in 6 seconds…Wordpress has been depriving me from getting here but I’m glad I finally did.

    I want to take this time out to thank you for your kind words…they meant a lot to me…I am better now and trying to find stability. Will get back to normal activities and posting asap….Nice to know you’re there…Cheers!!!

  11. …And all these happened in barely six seconds…Nice write as usual Wordy…Thanks for you comments and kind words. I am fine now. Just trying to put up the lost weight. Congratulations on the award…Cheers!!!

  12. Hello my fellow Perfect Poet,

    Wow, what powerful emotions in this piece! Visceral.

    I am glad you enjoyed my journey back to the Romantic age.

    Rhyme on!

    Tim Keeton
    (Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tales

  13. hi friend this was a lovely poem and u deserved the accolade, happy weekend 🙂

  14. Boy oh boy – I knew I was in trouble with dreary and summer, two words that never appear together that often. It is also speaks to the objects that the brain remembers during a tragedy. Why ice cream?

  15. thank you for visiting,
    return favors as you used to to poets who were here.
    have fun today!

  16. oh jeeezz… that was such a tragic poem 😦
    but lvoed the flow of words 😦

  17. Wow! Yikes… definite surprise ending.

  18. I nominated you. that puts you on a roll.
    Lol.. i ‘m just chilling out to this music and writing slowly

  19. […] my nomination goes to Wordwand for sheer powerful […]

  20. what tragic fate! but this was truly a lovely poem… congrats on your well deserved award. =)

  21. Congrats on the award

  22. This was horrible. a very well written piece.

  23. The words flow so well. I liked how you used a sensitive subject for this poem.

  24. very sad, unfortunately this stories take place everyday……let us pray for all parents who must feel this pain…..bkm

  25. Now that’s powerful poetry.

  26. Your images vivd, words flow, but the story breaks my heart…such sadness happens every day. Great job on your poem.

  27. Hard hitting but somehow beautiful. Excellently done.

  28. dang…love the ice cream, it brings it into sharp focus right before the stunner…wonderfully done!

  29. Unique blend of hot and cold images as you vividly present such a tragic incident..well written!

  30. Congrats on your award. This is a great theme about how life can change forever in mere seconds. I may try this out for my next poem. Thanks for sharing!

    — Gally

  31. So sad and yet so touching. You are a master craftsman 🙂

  32. Life may end or be tragically altered within a matter of mere seconds, as you describe vividly. Stark details in few words. Well done as usual. Thanks wordwand

  33. wow…paints a dreary picture. My heart goes out to the little boy.

  34. Good to see someone has been writing tragedies in my disappearance, good one too, i liked that a lot. you have indeed a special way with words. i am honored to have you as a reader and a fellow poetic Allie

  35. my oh my! such terror in your description- really makes me horrified! brought out the character in such few words- nice..

  36. that’s tragic – as life sometimes is
    well done my friend

  37. sad images,
    very smoothly written!

  38. A truly sad poem…these tragic events occur all to often.

  39. My bad, that was around Viloa’s grandchildren. It still feels a very strong and saddening poem like you are present, but tis the reality isn’t it.

  40. Very powerful poem, and it feels very sad too. I can relate to the accident hurting your grandchildren as being witness to such trauma can leave one feeling in grief. Many blessings of love and light to them, and I trust they will come out of it in peace. I have been witness to such an accident myself before, but with a child instead being hit and that deeply affected me and since then I’ve been very cautious or scared around cars.

  41. WOW..very nicely done ,
    sad poem but you managed
    to paint such vivid pictures with so few words.
    thank you so much for your nomination, I am truly humbled yet honored.
    your are like a brother to me, Rahim. I love you, brother!

    p.s hugs and love to your wifey, J and S.

  42. wordward this is a sad but excellent poem expressed with much emotions, and this does happen in real life. A man last December ran a red light and although angels protected my daughter who was driving my car and her two children, my car was total. I praise God that my family was not hurt physically, however it emotionally hurt both my grandchildren, they still get afraid sometimes when they are out in a car.

    • thanks viola for your comment.I’m happy your grandchildren and daughter are safe and well .my son yasser ( he is 9 now) had an accident 2 years ago while he was coming back home from school , he had a broken arm and some 5 stitches in his he is ok .Moroccan roads are really bloody: 4000 thousand dead and thousands wounded.we are expecting stirct laws to be implemented by next october.

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