A toi ma maitresse

The poem below is my only poem in French.It’s a tribute from a student to his/her teacher.

Translating poetry is challenging , yet I’ve  made an effort to give you , dear friends , an idea about the purport of this poem.

A toi ma maitresse préférée

J ai écris et je te dédie ces vers.

Tes cours étaient tellement désires

Et ta méthode efficace et nullement sévère.

Tu nous as montre le vrai chemin de dieu

Et tu nous as incite a faire de notre mieux.

Tu as su combine art et efficacité

Avec intelligence et perspicacité .

L’année scolaire s’ est  écoule très vite

Mais tu est devenue déjà pour nous un mythe.

Tu est une vraie légende vivante

Et avec tout le monde tu as une belle entente.

Ta personne restera gravée dans nos mémoires

Car chaque moment de votre séance est a valoir.


To you my favorite teacher

I’ve written and I’ll dedicate these verses.

Your lessons were so desirable

And your method efficient and not severe.

You have shown us the true path of god

And you’ve encouraged us to do our best.

You knew  how to combines art and efficiency

With intelligence and rare  perspicacity.

The school year has  quickly elapsed

But you have already become a hero for us.

You are a true living  legend

And with everyone you have an amicable rapport

Your will remain engraved in our memories

For every moment of your class  is precious.


18 Responses

  1. hi wordwand,

    what a fitting tribute to a teacher. it’s nice to see that you are able to make this poem describing the elation you had for your past teachers. seldom, do humanity came back and thank their teachers. i did write a prose on this, entitled “a teacher’s worth”. hope you read it.

    great poet there, wordwand.

  2. Très bien écrit! J’ai de la misère écrire en français, aucune problème a lire! Merci!

  3. What an adorable piece-i have met so many of these teachers.

  4. My dearest Rahim,

    I do appreciate all that you do to translate this poem. Strangely , it is very difficult to translate if you write a poem in another language as each language has its own rhyme and core meaning that another just may not have….
    Bravo for the effort..in doing such, you have written not one but TWO great poems.

  5. a great tribute to a great teacher.. 😀

  6. There is so much truth in your words. I true teacher gives a bit of her/himself in the teaching. And those teachers will always hold a special place in the hearts of the students who appreciate the learning. Though I only understand the English version, it is very well done!

    Also, I love the music you share here. Very beautiful and very soothing. Blessings to you!

  7. that’s a good teacher should do.
    grateful and fun poem!

  8. Some teachers give all of themselves to their work. I am happy to see you reward them with these beautiful and thoughtful words. They need to be recognized for what they do to inspire others. 🙂

  9. Beautiful Rahim!!! Oh yes some teachers will stay with you many years down the road.I had 3 that I will always love and remember.Have a good weekend 😀 😀

  10. Thanks for stopping over from Jingle’s place…

    It is nice to meet you..

    Great poem and writing..

    Teachers are an important part of everyone’s lives..

  11. WOW… in English…it is SUPERB, Rahim…you truly have mastered both languages…
    this poem say so much of your inner beauty and your kinship with words…
    I SALUTE YOU, my friend…


  12. merci beaucoup tres amazing, u rock, u are a very good poet, talented beyond belief.. tres bien monsieur 🙂

  13. Sorry my friend but my French teacher were too busy making herself pretty, and I somehow never learned French under her. LOL Perhaps you would be a sweetheart and write it in English. LOL

  14. Now…I may be bias but to me, EVERYTHING in French and Mandarin sounds LOVELY to me…
    thank you for sharing….

    I have yet to write a poem in other language than English….hmmm….
    maybe I should try…lol


  15. lovely in sight,
    I wish I understand your language.

  16. Think I just read a glowing, flowing tribute (lol). As always, your skill with words is impressive.

  17. Wow…I had to translate to read. I love the point of view of this poem. A good teacher is fondly remembered by his/her students after graduation from that class or school. Nice work to put this all together and especially in French. Cheers!!!

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