Count your Blessings

The poem below is my contribution to Jingle’s poets’ rally .

Count your blessings

Like children count stars.

Ignore  your troubles

and they’ll leave no scars.

Before he became a devil

Satan had been  an archangel.

Moses had a speech defect

but his message was accurate.

Mohammed was illiterate

but he had wisdom and strength.

Job lost health and wealth

But he had patience and faith

Jonas spent three nights

Inside a large whale

But his faith did not  fail .

Count your blessings

They outweigh your failings.

Make your blessings count

and their number will surely mount.


Moses, Jonas , Job and Mohammed are all prophets .

peace be upon them all

30 Responses

  1. Incredibly great read! Honestly!

  2. dear missar,

    a penny for my thoughts. an inspirational poem indeed. a faithful reminder to count my blessings. thank you for this poem, it came at the right moment, when i need to ponder life.

  3. I know you meant this to be inspiring and reassuring… but I could only think about how far this world will miss the mark.



    another poetry award 4 u.
    have a beautiful day!
    I appreciate your uplifting comments and handsome spirits.

  5. Nice– especially the opening quatrain!


    I have you in mind,
    I overlooked,
    here are two awards for you,
    you always give me comments…

  7. Touching, powerful.
    Great job

  8. I need your help to finish a story here

  9. thanks for your visit to my site – my friend
    always appreciated

  10. Count your blessings is such a wise thing
    This makes you see what your reality brings
    If you are at lost just wait awhile
    I am sure things will work out to make you smile
    As each moment goes in future then past
    All things in life move by and they never last

    very good poem Rahim(+)

  11. Brilliant how you poetically remind from teachings to prompt consideration of one’s blessings.
    Well done, wordwand.

  12. I love poems with a message or lesson. This is a great one indeed. If I were to make any critique at all, I found the rhyming to conflict slightly with the rhythm of your lines, but that’s just a slight thing. I really enjoyed this poem. Great job 🙂

  13. Happy Wednesday!
    have fun!

  14. what a real blessing in form of a poem.
    so full of divine hope and peace.

    thanks a lot for writing and sharing it.
    happy thursday!

  15. wwooww… lovely poem abder..
    profound.. and yes we must count our blessings cos they are indeed in dearth 🙂
    have a lovely thursday 🙂

  16. Both the message and poem are lovely. this poem speaks truth. wonderful job, bravo!

  17. An important message there. Very true.

  18. Hello Rahim
    Good poem “Count Your Blessings”!!!! Reminds me of the song with the same title,count them one by one and see what the Lord has done!!! Oh yeaaaaaaaa really good!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day Rahim “Happy Wednesday”!! 😀

  19. Veeery well written!

  20. nice. each of our ‘defects’ can become blessings themselves, and keep us humble that it is not in our strength…

  21. Inspiring and religiously driven. Beautiful rhyming and a perfect message attached. Great work.

  22. Wise words Wordwand.
    Lovely poem as always, wrapped up so beautifully 🙂
    Your poetry is inspiring.

  23. u got this 100 percent correct well written great rhyming, superb 🙂

  24. Wise words, my friend, expressed beautifully.

  25. Such good advice for all of to consider….well said my friend.

  26. What a lovely tribute , Rahim to our prophets and blessings…
    I truly enjoy your narrative and inspiring poem…
    Be well, my wonderful friend…
    you been missed…

  27. it really is a strong message my friend. I’m certain those men never thought about people down the ages who would draw strength from their example

    Happy Tuesday

  28. toast to all the prophets and to you my friend from morocco- your blog music is absolutely inspiring! ^o^

  29. Now I really like this my friend. Powerful message and advice. I always remember these prophets and what they went through when things for me gets to be to much. They remind me that God is in control of everything, and He will carry me through all my problems.

  30. lovely advice,
    very well cooked poem,
    thanks for the contribution!

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