Alice Audrey association Meme

This is what she said:
“Play the Association game between now and May 31st,
and enter your post in the links bellow,
and I’ll put your name in the hat to win a silver ingot.
Have you ever played the word association game?
In that game, someone will say a word,
then the next person says the first word they think of.
Each person who follows simply says
what ever word comes to mind,
based on the previous word.
For instance:

Person 1: red
Person 2: bull
Person 3: pasture
Person 4: grass
1. Anyone can play, whether they have been tagged or not.

Include the rules and logo in your post.

Copy out all the responses that were made before you.

Link to each of the people who responded before you.

5. Put in your response.
Your response can be as little as a single word
or as much as 100 words. It can be a word,
a phrase, an image, a song, a video, a story,
or a short rant.

Tag anyone you would like
to challenge to play this game.
You do not have to tag anyone.

You can do this any time you run across it,
even if you were one of the previous responders.
This is what players have responded so far:
Alice Writes:
8. Two men huddled secretly around a map, pointing and whispering when the door is flung open. (Me. Hey, nothing in the rules says it can only be one word. This is just what came to mind.)


“What are you doing here?
Have I not forbid both of you to
ever come into my office again.

I am going to call the police!”

I have been tagged byShakira
and this is my reponse:

the man grabbed the telephone receiver.Immediately , one of the two guys pointed a gun at him.

Now I can either tag someone or leave it open.
Just to add more to her plate.
I tag:

9 Responses

  1. excellent friend well done, alas I dont have time to play, but u rock 🙂

  2. seems really interesting game. 🙂

  3. Hahahaha…@ Brian…
    Great association, Rahim…


  4. Excellent my friend. Well done 🙂

  5. and shot him in the eye
    with water…

  6. awesome, thank you for playing!

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