On the 16th of May , 2003 , my hometown tasted the grisly flavours of terrorism. The Casablanca bombings killed 45 people and wounded scores more.this attack was the deadliest in the history of my country.The perpetrators of  this hideous crime were youngsters aged between 20 and 24 .Most of them were recruited from poor areas in the outskirts of the city and they were subject to systematic brainwashing and indoctrination for several years.

To morrow , all Moroccans will pray for the souls of the dead innocents.


They disseminate fear

and germinate bloodshed

they are a bunch of fanatics

with means so barbaric.


Brainwashing and indoctrination

propaganda and rhetoric

they  plough  the minds of sick  souls,

uproot roses of love and good

to sow  Murky seeds of hate

To plant  therein

illusion and violence

Fallacies and vengeance

With a view to harvesting

Death and evil

Destruction and upheaval.

Yet, evil is frail

So the devils will fail

And love shall prevail.

16 Responses

  1. dear missar,

    i am sad to read the true accounts of the terrorist bombing in casablanca. and the scar of the bombings has not yet left the city’s consciousness or even of morocco. what a fantastic last three lines there. surprising!

  2. uproot the roses of love and good….. this line is very powerful telling the story- as is your message…


  3. Hi Rahim
    A powerful post and such sadness by the hands of blinded minds,how tragic these events are for all concerned.
    Thanks for your visit’s and for your encouraging comments,have a wonderful day.
    Love ya 😀

  4. I’m sorry about such a tragic incidence in your hometown. A beautiful tribute to the lost souls. The last three lines are more than words.

  5. sorry for what happened.
    patienc, strength, and love be with you, your family, and people in your hometown.

  6. This is so sad.. but wonderfully expressed.. well done.

  7. I have been tagged for an Association Game.
    I am tagging you…because you are a good writer and a good friend…

  8. Your poem is thoughtful and moving to a positive end, reinforcing the need for peace and understanding. I agree with trisha’s comment “you are a very sensitive soul and a noble poet.”

  9. Love the last three lines of this. You wrote a profound message so beautifully. Well done!

  10. very sad indeed friend, acts of terrorism always end up in innocents being killed, for what? ideals? very sad post but a need to write so I bow to you 🙂

  11. The senseless killings like those in your poem make all of us sad…what seems to be happening in the United States and in some European countries is that it is no longer the poor who are responding to this type of brainwashing, but upper-middle class youths…this to me is very upsetting since they of all people should have some understanding of the value of life. Thanks for your poem.

  12. a sad but befitting tribute…
    I can never understand these people…
    who claimed RELIGION taught them so and tarnished the good name of ISLAM.
    Masya Allah…so sad…
    how are you, Rahim?
    been missing you…

  13. my sentiments exactly. wonderfully said. you are a very sensitive soul and a noble poet.

    happy saturday and namaste.

  14. This is really sad Wordwand, but beautifully and sensitively written!

  15. Wordwand this is so sad, but your poem tells this senseless tragic so well. Over the years there have been so many lives lost by the hands of our youth today. Yes there is many devils out in the world playing with people’ s minds. Your poem is excellent and flow so easily. Thank you for sharing.

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