A love poem

I wish you were with me

We would stroll in the beach

Hand in hand and barefoot

We would build sandcastles

From each grain of sand

We would listen to the ocean

In seashells lying on  the shore

I wish you were  with me

We would spend a night in the forest

To share our dreams and memories

We would enjoy the gentle  breeze

And listen  to the overwhelming silence

We would count the twinkling stars

Scattered like diamonds across the sky

I wish you were with me

We would dance under the heavy rain

Accompanied by rolls of thunder

And spotlit by flashes of lightning

We would paint the rainbow

On a pink canvas of love

To brighten our days forever.

I wish you were with me

I would sing you the rainbow song

To praise your peerless beauty

And to celebrate our matchless love .

27 Responses

  1. i love it , even if didn’t understand some words but what can I say . now i relized why did you wan that award your briliant great job. your sincere student bouchrafr take care

  2. ah, this spoke to me! loved it!

  3. beautiful poetry ….dissolved in it’s words …!

  4. why cant i post a comment on your poem “love on first sight”?
    the comment option is not even visible.
    its a lovely, warm and beautiful poem.
    happy weekend!

  5. Happy Mother’s Day to Moms in your family,
    your wisdom shines!

  6. Oh Rahim that is such a “Beautiful & Lovely Poem”!!!! I did really enjoy it!!!! 😀 😀

  7. aawww…that was such a cute love poem abder…

    /from each grain of sand
    we shall listen to the ocean/
    awesome lines 😀

  8. Inspiring love poem. Your illusions to nature, both overt and subtle, render this work both real and dreamlike. Amazing

  9. A great Love Poem Wordy, will sure strike people in distance relationship or who have lost their love ones. Beautifully written…cheers!!!

  10. I think this is one of the very best love poems i have ever read. its absolutely awesome. simply too, too beautiful.

    i like your new profile pic, white suits you very, very much.

  11. such a lovely poem.

  12. Love that picture. Your poem is beautiful.


  14. love it.
    sometimes that absence
    does make the heart grow fonder…
    and you got a pretty good list
    of things to do next time
    you are together…

  15. Nicely written, filled with passion and love 🙂

  16. this love poem manifests the magnanimity of love. you have done the pure expression of affection. i hope to be as romantic as this. your poetry satiates the inner being, in all its innocence.

  17. I’ve never been too much of a traditional romantic, but reading this poem, I wish I was there on the beach or dancing in the rain! Great blog.

  18. cool poem
    cool music
    cool blog
    and really freaking cool how your sidebars are transparent! i am jealous


  19. I agree with the previous posts! Really romantic! This poem is just filled with passion and love!

  20. Very nice , romantic and tender, ever so honest.
    I love your DEVOTION and LOVE for your wife, Rahim.
    Well done!

  21. friend I have added to the fabulous story 🙂

  22. A very romantic poem that expresses a storng love.

  23. With the beauty of nature as it blends with us
    Moving with loving heart and Soul to Trust
    Sound vibrations with the smell of ocean breeze
    Relaxing the senses and making them at ease
    For whatever the forecast we will always be clear
    Whatever is around us makes a wonderful atmosphere

    enjoy as well Abderrahim(+)
    soulbro* 🙂


  25. incredibly romantic! and I love the flow of words, the repetition of the “wish” line. I hope your wishes come true!

  26. romantic and beautiful,
    I feel like in the beach with someone I love.

    successful delivery of passion!

  27. WOW! This is so beautiful, with a soft flow to it as you read each line. Your words drew me into the poem, and I didn’t want it to end. You also painted beautiful pictures of your stroll on the beach, your night in the forest, your dance under the heavy rain, and I could hear you sing your song about the reainbow. The whole poem is a lovely poem.

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