Acrostic: Viruses

Virulent viruses

Invaded my computer

Ravaged  my files

Usurped my hard disk

Spread within the system

Every chip was infiltrated

Security  completely failed.


33 Responses

  1. el virus es un elemento q permite q no funcione la computadora

  2. that was horrible!

    simply horrible.

  3. Computer viruses stink!

  4. thanks for stopping by appreciate the comments… and oh so sorry abt your loss… hopefully you can recover the data… and excellent acrostic..amazing how an acrostic is so silent in it’s appearance…

  5. this is really good ….nice awesome it is..!

    got some awards for u …


  7. I hope this is a poem and not an obituary.

  8. ack. sorry to hear this is for real. my laptop crashed about 8 months ago. complete wipe due to a virus…it sucks!

  9. Lovely post Wordwand. Lovely indeed maybe I will try writing one Acrostic myself. Cheers!!

  10. wuh-oh. That doesn’t sound like it was very pleasant! 😦

  11. full of humor and wit!

  12. Hi guys , thanks for your comments.My Pc was infected by viruses , my data was destroyed ; hopefully I keep copies of them so not much damage .

  13. Nice acrostic, hopefully fictional 🙂

  14. Very comical with lots of humour…..Keep up the good work.

    Check out this, this will differently strengthen your faith…

  15. VIRUS…..what a poem for Mr. virus the cyrus….A good job MAN.

  16. This is funny … but are YOU OK???
    did you lost everything??
    I pray you are ok…

  17. I really enjoyed that very funny 🙂

  18. oh my..i hope this really didnt happen to you..worst viruses breaking everything until there’s nothing left..oh well..there’s always the reformat.. i liked it! your poem i mean, not the viruses 😉

  19. I hope you were able to get it fixed. Great poem I love the picture.

  20. Isn’t it sad that people who create such things have nothing better to do….clever poem.

  21. spot on & boy have i been there!!!!! Excellent

  22. That is a funny pic—though not a funny situation AT ALL! You write acrostics well. Always enjoy my visit here. cheers

  23. Hi friend, I love acrostics and although not a pleasant subject lol, u did a marvelous job 🙂 take care.

  24. Missar
    Motto of the mirth.
    Influential ingenuity.
    Skilful skipper.
    Showy shoolmaster.
    Always owr example.
    Really hi is the best.
    ecrit par ; Zakiya

  25. aawww…chooo cute 🙂
    that was such a nice one and the pic 😀

    this is one form i have been dyin to try a lot 🙂
    let seee one of these days 🙂

    abder i have some awards for you 🙂

  26. I am so sorry– hope it’s fixed. nice funny poem in response though!

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