A Love Poem

The poem below is my contribution to the thursday poets’ rally: http://jingleyanqiu.wordpress.com/poetry/

Our love was  sowed with a smile

It Bloomed into a sweet kiss

and  yielded  a life of marital  bliss.

The first day we met

it was mild and moonlit .

We sat under a  shady tree

we were happy and carefree.

I  held her  trembling hands

they were soft as  morning dew .

Her eyes were beautiful to see

her  eyelashes were beaming glee.

I caressed her long glossy hair

I loved the  way it floated in the air .

Her lips were velvet and thin

matching her delicate blushing skin

When I gave her my first  kiss

my body quivered with sheer  bliss.

We lay  still on the grass ;

we held each other close

and had a peaceful doze.


30 Responses

  1. I like it!

    Found you from Jingle. Love your site layout.


  2. wordwand this love poem is just simply beautiful. The ending I dearly loved. I can picture the two of you lying there peacfully in each others arms.

  3. Beautifully crafted and touching.

  4. missar,

    this love poem is a welcome respite. like an oasis in the desert to visit after long journeys in life. and searching will all come to one’s finding: that love conquers all.

    this will be my constant reminder and thank you for bringing this poem into light.

    your friend,

  5. what a beautiful love poem… 🙂

  6. So tender and touching, a wonderful poem!

  7. Very heartfelt, good work.

  8. you always write beautiful heart felt poems..and i love them all 🙂 i also love the rhyming of the poem 😀

  9. Absolutely beautiful. I can feel the way you love her….found myself smiling as I read. Thank you xx

  10. My dear Wordwand,

    Tara started a new game and I am TAGGING YOU.. please go to Wordy Wednesday @Tara Miller Writes to write the next 1-3 lines to a story yet told! Once you have done that, please TAG others too. Happy Thursday. hugs shakira

  11. Wonderful write. captures the emotion of the moment.

  12. liking the sweet romantic innocence.

    Nicely crafted

    from the moondustwriter

  13. so expressive.
    Excellent as always

  14. Oh, I love the story of love within your poem. So full of emotion and happiness.

  15. First of, what a lovely love poem and you should be very satisfied with it. *applause* Second thank you personally for coming by my blog so often, but alas you missed my post for this rally, so if you dont mind and are not busy, please come back to ready the tale of “Ashly”, congrats again on a well written poem, and your constant viewing.

  16. You set a beautiful scene there. Wonderful.

  17. oh, that is so sweet! love it! Love your music too!

  18. aww….beautiful it is … such a beautiful description of love …. and tenderness…amazing..!!!

  19. aww that is such a sweet and adorable write 😀
    beautifully described 🙂

  20. this is simply adorable. lovely and beautiful.

    with warmest affections,

  21. Amazingl love poem…nicely written my friend 🙂

    marinela x x

  22. Such tenderness and so much love!
    You write one of the best love poem!
    In your conservative ways, this poem is TIMELESS!

    Rahim, to have you as a FRIEND is one of my biggest BLESSINGS!


  23. A very beautiful love poem…nicely done my friend.

  24. smiles. a beautiful poem…and a wonderful moment together….nicely done.

  25. I love this. very beautiful.

  26. awe friend this is simply beautiful, it portrays the love you feel for your wife, the poem is finely crafted, excellent work 🙂

  27. A peaceful doze indeed. I love this. You always have a way of coining a classic from your poems. cheers!!!

  28. Happy Tuesday!
    See you later!

    your poem truly shines!

  29. way to go,
    you are so lovely when you are in love,
    unbeatable poem!

  30. what heartfelt and unforgettable love poem!
    Way to go,
    both on poetry and on love,
    Wordwand, you rock!

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