Domestic Violence

A week ago ,  a   man in his late forties defenestrated ( threw out of the window)  his wife  in front of  his two kids. The man who  is reputed to be a drunkard and a recidivist used to inflict  upon his wife  and kids all sorts of physical aggressions as well as  all forms of verbal  abuse.This   incident  appalled the public and has brought  the issue of domestic violence to the  forefront .

In Morocco , the family code of 2003  with  its plethora of amended laws  has encouraged  people to set up  associations and NGOs  to empower women and to protect them against spousal violence .They launched a series of campaigns to stop  such abusive behaviours ; along  the same vein ,  the  local mass media has contributed to achieve the same objective.And yet, domestic violence  cases seem to rise crescendo .

Now, that’s the tip of the iceberg and it’s frightening , but the hidden part of the iceberg is atrocious .First of all , only a third of  the domestic violence cases is reported to  the police and the associations.Moreover,  since sex is a taboo subject in our society , sexual abuses( against women and kids)  are not mentioned in reports . On top of that , the police usually adopt a lenient attitude towards reported domestic violence   and try to settle “the discord” amicably  unaware that  due to repeated acts of violence ,family  bonds can  be  severed beyond repair .

Ok, let’s talk about solutions now. First of all , I think that  we have to implement  a zero tolerance policy  and consider cases of domestic violence a felony charge the first time they occur .Education  is also  crucial and it can save lives.Associations and NGOs  are powerful tools and they can do a lot to alleviate the sufferings of people.The media is influential too and it can help sensitise people to the magnitude of this problem.It can also suggest safety plans to victims of domestic violence.Finally , if you witness a spousal act of violence , lend a helping hand to the victim , report to the police and be an agent of change .


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  1. A very good post; I think you hit the nail on the head when you say that education is a key part of the solution.

  2. In the U.S. as well we have seen many cases of this atrocious behavior. When I was 23 my sister broke up with a young man who ran her off the road killing her and three of our friends….Close to home for me and a subject that eats at me personally. Thank you for sharing . Through education maybe lives can be saved.

  3. 10Q,
    I appreciate your kindness.

  4. I have been a victim myself. You know what, UNTIL THE VICTIM FIGHTS for her RIGHTS, NO ONE CAN HELP HER. That was what I did. I FOUGHT BACK, with NOTHING AND EVERYTHING TO LOOSE. THANK GOD, I did not loose my kids and I survived some hardship for a few years but GOD IS ALL MERCIFUL , we are definitely BETTER , SAFER, HEALTHIER and much PEACEFUL and HAPPY.
    Thank you for sharing. I have actually set up a Safe House for Abused Women and Children. If in Malaysia, I can and will help. hugs shakira

  5. In the UK its a zero tolerance for domestic violence, very tight post friend, had to be said, thank you 🙂

  6. Good post Rahim!!! Even though we have laws against Domestic Violence they are not tough enough!!! The laws need to be very strict world wide,it’s a horrible thing to go through.And yet you love the abuser until you’re free,it’s sad really a sad situation! “Happy Friday”.

  7. As a survivor of domestic violence, I have to say that the problem is much more complicated than anyone outside of the situation can understand. More so than I can explain here. We remain silent because we are manipulated into believing that no one will believe us and, oftentimes, this is exactly the case. The treatment of those afflicted by domestic violence is abhorrent from the emergency room doctors to the court system. It is important to understand that someone who is in a situation like this is wishywashy because they are under the control of their abuser. I finally got out when I was knocked unconscious while pregnant. I did not care enough about my wellbeing at the time to save myself (convinced I was completely worthless), but I did care about the wellbeing of my unborn child and that gave me the strength to leave permanently. However, when the case went to trial, the judge told me that I needed to learn to keep my mouth shut and these kinds of things would not happen to me and then found my abuser not guilty. Can you see now why victims don’t leave? Why bother when it does absolutely no good. We are not protected or supported by those whose job it is to do so.

  8. the only problem i see with that is it is so had to prosecute domestic cases….witnesses are wishy washy, either trying to protect or instigate. i agree though we need solutions…

  9. domestic violence can be stopped only if society and law act firmly. just think, why are these incidents so rare in europe or USA? because people know that law is just, it will be dished out accurately. in our countries people know they can dodge law.

  10. The practiced solutions only tackle the symptoms of the disease and not the cause. The increase in violence echoes the increasingly dehumanizing influence of a society for which all are responsible.

  11. culture in Middle East and North Africa is definitely changing. keep up the good cause.

  12. domestic violence is one of the social ills long in existence and until such a time when the authorities decided to impose laws regulating family behaviour (which is also ludicrous so to speak!) i think money should be rather spent on educating the mass public on such do’s and don’ts and their consequences before they decide to plunge into this thing called marriage.. anyway buddy, have an Award for you. Honor roll Award. Details at my blog (wink!)..

  13. powerful message,
    you wise owl!

  14. I hear about such cases seldom. Thanks for helping bring this problem to light.

  15. Domestic violence has come to be a hidden society killer and because of its abilities to remain secret, it goes unnoticed until something terrible happens. Thanks for sharing this.

    Thanks for breaking down the word “defenestrated”, I didn’t have to pick up my dictionary.

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